How to make the stove barbecue made of bricks with their hands

Rest in the country or in a private house in the country is almost always associated with a feast and cooking meat over an open fire.In most cases, this is done using braziers made of iron.Such devices coping well with their functions, but they are limited by the method of heat treatment and have an aesthetic appearance.Therefore, most owners of these houses prefer to make multifunction oven, barbecue with his own hands.

It is usually placed outdoors, protect from rain gazebo.Also, a gazebo and a table for various events or gatherings that makes a vacation more comfortable.

Making barbecue oven made of brick with his own hands - a creative process, it requires a specific approach.The fact is that prior to the installation must be defined with what features will perform a particular device, to have an idea of ​​its appearance.

Getting developing oven barbecue made of bricks with their hands, most people try to equip it with the largest number of features.For example, many installed in the device not only fireplace portal for barbecue or grill, but its function and confer with the installation of a conventional oven hob.Therefore such devices from a brick barbecue, a photo of which affect a variety of modifications that can help not only to fry the meat over an open fire, and bake in the oven to cook, and even, as in a conventional stove.Appearance can also be varied and even fantastic, as long as this does not interfere with the design tools and was user friendly.

Modern BBQ oven is very easy to make, because the stores can be purchased ready-made furnaces, cooktops, grills, bars and other equipment.Therefore it is enough to buy all the necessary device nodes that build into an oven in accordance with its intended purpose.It should be remembered that such a device as a brick barbecue, made with his own hands, presupposes the existence of an open fire and is subject to temperature extremes, and hence for its production need to use a special heat-resistant (fireclay) brick.Many master potters made from it only those components or areas of the device that come in contact with heat or an open flame.All the rest of the furnace can be spread from any other brick, but for aesthetic reasons it is best to apply the cladding material or natural stone.Although it is a brick looks best.

Thus, oven-barbecue made of bricks with their hands can be made from finished units, embedding them in any convenient form different design and purpose.This can be made like a normal, calculated only on the grill or barbecue, and a large multi-function oven, which will not only be able to cook the food by various methods, but also serve as a stunning decoration of any court or infield.