How to make the slopes on plastic windows and what material to choose?

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Replacement windows are always entails a number of additional work.To complete the opening look, you need to install window sills, and close the perimeter lights.Many companies offer a whole range of services in the contract to replace the box of "turnkey".Of course, if you know how to make the slopes on plastic windows, you can perform these activities on their own and thereby save money.

cheaper is to use plaster.But this work is not easy and requires certain skills.In addition, the surface of the walls themselves must be prepared to spray plaster.Initially, therefore, make a primer, then line the walls and then paint the slopes.

PVC windows on the slopes can be made of plastic panels.Choice of large, the store presents different colors, different textures.You can pick up plastic with imitation wood different breeds.There are oak, pine, beech, cherry.Good looks marble or malachite.But slopes increasingly using white panels.They help shade the window, especially if it is made of wood.

can be used for gypsum plasterboard slopes.It is even cheaper plastic.It is best to take this moisture-proof sheets.They are crafted composition, which helps protect the material from moisture.How to make the slopes on plastic windows from gypsum plasterboard?The technology is a bit different from the plastic panels, but the basis is the same.Gypsum plasterboard can be painted with paint or stick on it a thin sheet of plastic.

How to make the slopes on plastic windows with less effort, but with high quality?You can use the sandwich panel.They allow you to combine the two components: insulation and plastic.They can be used without additional insulation slope.

What is the sequence of the whole process?How to make the slopes on plastic box right?It is better to be defined in advance with the material.Sandwich panels can be stacked in a special profile, which is attached to the window frame during installation.The second option fastening paneling - in assembly foam.For this window zapenivayut from all sides.After hardening, the foam panel fixed therein, and places the silicone compound is protected.

Slopes for windows can be made of different materials.But to give a complete view of an aperture, the joint panel and close the door casing or wall area.If you decide to simplify your further care of the windows, it is best to use plastic casings snap.They can always be removed before repairing or before you decide to re-stick wallpaper.

On how slopes are met depends on the heat in the apartment.Therefore, if you followed the termination of slopes yourself, check whether blowing from the window.This can be done with the tongue of flame.To do this, light a candle or a match.The deviation of the flame will be clear whether there is a gap in the embankment.To the window in the winter you do not chilled, it is better to eliminate all errors in advance.

choosing material for the slopes, be aware that gypsum plasterboard and plaster should be updated periodically.Plastic panels is enough to wash with the windows, and again they will look fresh and beautiful.