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«Forex" is the international currency markets.Today, access to it is open to virtually all investors who want to speculate on exchange rates.Ability to trade absolutely open to all, including for owners cent deposit.Foreign Exchange Dealing can be classified as a very serious business.Access to multi-billion dollar market of ordinary people provide forex-brokers, working directly with banks.There are many companies that are willing to act as an intermediary between the trader and the foreign exchange market.For the success of the exchange business is choose a reliable partner.

Introduction to dealing center "Forex4you"

great interest from the public to the foreign exchange market led to the discovery of companies offering access to the "Forex".That demand has initiated the opening of dealing center "Forex4you".Supervises the project an international company E-Global Trade & amp;Finance Group, Inc., which specializes in retail customers.The company is officially registered in the British Virgin Islands.Its registration number 1384287. E-Global Trade & amp;Finance Group, Inc.It offers a wide range of brokerage services on the Internet.Settlements with clients are carried out with the help of electronic payment systems."Forex4you" - is one of the representative offices of world's largest companies on a virtual domestic - a project which has counterparts in countries such as Russia and Latvia, and the United Kingdom, Malaysia, India.

In Russia the brand appeared in early - is not just a virtual project is dealing center, offering services offline.Representation of the firm has offices in many towns in both Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union.Give strong support to all customers in their trading.NDD (No Dealing Desk) is a one of the best models available exit on the interbank market, and that it is practiced by «Forex4you».Review of its use, as well as in general on the activities of the organization has left many customers.I would like to say that the feedback on the work of the center of extremely positive.

With customer care

Company has said that it is a concern to their clients."Forex4you" translated to English means "Forex" for you.The center offers professional strong support not only for experienced traders, but also people who are just making their first steps in this direction.In addition to a large theoretical base for all customers is available in several formats account for consistent training:

  • training through which to explore the specifics of trade and for the detailed study of the terminal;

  • classic account for receiving the first practical skills and to consolidate the theory in practice;

  • by a professional - a perfect solution for those who have already learned the basics of trade and is ready for earning big money.

Everyone who wants to explore the foreign exchange market can feel free to contact the company «Forex4you».Personal account that is registered on each client center will easily choose the best type of account depending on the available skills in trade and taking into account the actual deposit.Funds within the project, you can easily transfer between accounts, choosing for themselves the most favorable terms of trade.

«Forex4you»: satisfied customer review

«Forex4you» - is one of the top brokers in the Internet.According to one of the company's customers, based on cooperation is not only the professionalism of the staff of the center, but also the systematic expansion of opportunities for traders, implementation of project activities of innovative technologies.If a person comes to the company and he stays with her forever.The secret of success is based on www.forex4you fruitful cooperation with the best programmers in the development of software for trading.

According to another client, a huge advantage of the company is the ability to use trade orders Market Execution, which allow you to quickly carry out operations in accordance with actual market prices.The second advantage of trade with the broker - is a unique system of warrants Best Bid Offer.Many point to the advantages of the presence of a functional trade in one click.There are references to the trading instrument Market Depth 2 level, which provides access to the best quotes to 16 price levels that offer liquidity providers.Few forex-brokers can provide its customers with such a wide list of features and services in the field of trading.This, as well as many other things, attracted to mutually beneficial cooperation with the dealing center.

Why traders choose the company «Forex4you»?

Many traders begin their careers and achieve success it is now «Forex4you».Reviewed by a corporation from its customers - this is not the only criterion for selection.The dealer has a good reputation and has proven itself on the virtual market.Since 2007, the company has grown significantly and has helped thousands of people improve their lives.Only in 2011, turnover in the center exceeded $ 100 billion, while the number of registered accounts reached 400 thousand.The company's activities in 2011 was insured in the amount of about $ 10 million.In 2015 year the company entered with a turnover of $ 25 billion a month, and the number of accounts has already reached 800 thousand.By participating in international competitions, the project managed to establish itself as:

  • best forex broker;

  • best conditions deposit and withdraw funds from the account;

  • best affiliate program.

powerful legal base, loyalty to customers, broad prospects for trade, excellent software, free access to the international currency market - a good reason to choose as a partner is the company «Forex4you».

What offers brokerage account?

Almost all brokers offering their services on the Internet, provide different types of accounts for trading and various quotations Forex, but what is available within the center of «Forex4you», does not go with anything in any comparison.

Each client firm can open one of these accounts:

  • demo accounts for beginners who do not require opening your own deposit.Trading is done on the virtual means provided by the broker.

  • Cent-Lite and Cent - it accounts for customers with a deposit of $ 1 to 10. On this account, you can use more than 100 trading instruments (currency pairs, commodities, etc.).The minimum bet amount - 0.01 cents-Lot and 0.1, respectively.Fixed Spread (2 points).Leverage 1:10, 50, 100 and 500.

  • Cent NDD to trade without a broker, which speeds up the opening and closing positions.Trading is available only for the currency pairs with a leverage of 1:10 500. Spread Floating (1 point), and the commission is $ 10 per lot.

  • Classic-Lite and Classic - an invoice for the standard lot trade of 0.01 and 0.05, respectively.Available trading on currency pairs on commodities and CFD.Fixed Spread (2 points).

  • Classic NDD is an account of the processing of applications for the system NDDE.Quotes for five marks.Spread floating (0.5 points).Available for trading currency pairs and commodities.The brokerage is 8 dollars per lot.

  • ProSTP (E-Global MT4 MarketPlace) account for professionals.They adapted, even under such a specific strategy as scalping.The minimum trading lot is 0.01.Leverage of 1:10 and 1: 100.The commission is $ 10 per lot.

what traders said the speed of processing orders?

different story - it is the speed of processing orders by the broker.According to customers, including many brokers will respond to orders is the company «Forex4you».Reviewed in this matter is not one positive comments about the speed with warrants in the company can be found quite a lot.After analyzing the traders said, can result in some numbers.For cent accounts any orders of traders are processed within 2 seconds, but no more.Requotes and delaying processing of orders to 5-10 seconds, although there are, but this is the exception rather the rule.In the classical accounts of the processing of orders takes no more than 2 seconds.Trading on professional accounts maintained without significant delay, with a delay of 0.5 seconds.What is important is the fact that the terminal malfunction the company almost never occur, and not become a cause of loss of customers center.

Opportunities for investors

Like any other broker, the company offers a wide range of services not only for traders but also for investors.For those interested in «Forex» (market scares, and the willingness to trade on their own yet), the project gives access to the luxurious investment programs.You can invest in one of the following products:

  • PAMM service.

  • Share4you - system to copy transactions.

And PAMM Share4you and provide capital gains of 150% and 300% respectively of the initial deposit and more.Information about trading control open, and you can independently assess the level of knowledge and the strategy of the trader.Open circuit partnership allows you to choose the most safe and effective way of capital increase.While a man will do what he likes, its capital will continually increase.

innovative investor tool Share4you

relatively new system for investment Share4you completely modernized, and compared to similar products from other brokers offer a number of advantages:

  • up transactions eliminates slippage, due to which the previous many lost theirdeposits;

  • can be carried out systematic monitoring of the trade in its own terminal, opening and closing of the transaction;

  • copying can be carried out fully or partially.Everyone chooses the optimal settings.

Any client companies can test their strength not only in the role of a subscriber, the person who copies the transaction, but as a leader, a trader from the account of which is made up.You can adjust the copy settings that allows you to differentiate between the risks and protect their capital by subsidence.In comparison with the PAMM project Share4you allows you not to give up half of the profit control.Each duplicated transaction is paid individually.As leaders provides comprehensive information, ranging from the size of the percentage of subsidence and finishing parameters such as profitability and aggressiveness.For the visual perception of the leader of trade provided graphs of its deposit.

only strongly recommend that investors with experience - this is not to choose a trader exclusively provided on the website of its trading parameters.To approach this issue in-depth analysis of the information provided at the forum.

Analytics "Forex4you" - a perfect assistant in trade

Analytical Center - that's one of the main advantages of the project «Forex4you».My account provides access to forecasts and to the analysis of the situation leading economic analysts.Every day, the company provides customers with in-depth fundamental and technical analysis for major currency pairs.Information can become a solid foundation for building an effective trading strategy.The project provides access to a calendar of economic news that affect the dynamics of the market «Forex».Customer reviews clearly show that the proposed project improves the trade information and helps in detention trades.Open access is an analyst from Trading Central.Available service called "debriefing", which allows you to make an analysis of the transactions in the account of the trader and to identify major mistakes.This improves the trade and does not allow to fall for the tricks of the market «Forex».Customer feedback about an extraordinary offer is impressive.And finally, a great interest in trading can subscribe to a feed Dow Jones and Fx Select.Keep abreast of world economic developments pursuits - it means to be on the crest of the wave of the global currency market.Analytics will tell, though not the ideal time to enter the market, but will determine the correct direction of trading.Decisions will be made based on a proven and experienced analysts filtered information.Trading will not take much effort, and all the free time.

Earn money without investing

Among the many offerings of the company attracted the attention of affiliate programs.Available online is not only cooperation, but also offline partnership.Alternatively, the client company may become the founder of the office in the region and obtain the status of the official representative.

The most popular affiliate program - a collaboration online.Remuneration shall be paid not only for the traders involved, but also for new partners.The remuneration is calculated at a rate of 50% of the spread, which attracted merchants pay as a result of trade.With customers, attracted a new partner is paid a fee of 16.7% of the spread.From the customer is charged on the third level of 5.6%.Promotional materials for the partners will be available after a special registered account.«Forex4you» offers text links and banners, widgets, best participants of the project «Share4you», registration forms for installation on personal website.

advantages of affiliate programs within the company can be put together in the following list:

  • fairly high percentage of remuneration;

  • online monitoring of customer accounts that are held through the affiliate program;

  • withdrawal, accessible at any time limit on the minimum withdrawal is not available;

  • a wide range of promotional materials;

  • no timeframe for the cookies to customers involved;

  • open form of monitoring visits of advertising materials placed on the network an affiliate;

  • warning registering a new account on advertising links;

  • contract with the dealing center and the subsequent withdrawal of funds to the account.Forex-currency is quickly converted into real money.

The choice is given some affiliate programs reward each of which is calculated individually.Sometimes, attracted by the trader must make a certain number of operations, and only then begin the payment.Another option - a calculation of interest on each transaction involved partners.The fee may be credited to the account partner's every two hours.An opportunity to improve their standard of living available to all without upfront investment.

official support customers - the European level

Company to the growth of the customer from the common man to the level of a skilled trader or investor provides professional support.For trade provides all the necessary tools: indicators, analytical data, technical and fundamental analysis, advisors.«Forex4you» - is a global company with an appropriate level of service to its customers.Communication with the managers of the company around the clock.You can use the online-chat, phone or ticket system in your account.Every employee of the company is happy to meet each client, making every effort to answer questions of interest to the person.Qualified support is not dependent on the amount of funds in the account, help is available even to those who have a deposit the size of a dollar.Forex grasp immediately and without aid almost impossible.The company directs all the power that each client was successful.

At the company owning Chinese and English, French and German, Italian and Russian, Spanish and Hindi, Malay and Indonesian.The language barrier is completely absent.The answer to most questions is available immediately.It is possible to leave the phone application.No company-broker does not help its clients so deeply understand and capitalize on the market «Forex».