How to tie a scarf on the coat: a few simple tips

scarf - an accessory, which is able to at one point to make the image vivid and memorable.It is indispensable in the cool days when I want to at least some fun robe.Of course, you can just somehow wound a scarf around his neck, but it is much better to come up with something original.This raises the question of how to tie a scarf on a beautiful coat.Consider a very simple but at the same time, delicate examples.

How to tie a scarf in the style coat lovers Casual ?

Each style of clothing requires special way of tying a scarf.Most space this gives Casual or, more simply, casual.For example, you can tie at one end of the scarf knot and push through a second end of the scarf.If the weather is relatively warm, the length of the free end can not be too large.The described embodiment is a prime example of daily European style.

How to tie a scarf in the form of roses ?

scarf tied in the form of roses, give a simple coat of unusual charm.You will need a long monotonous stole a soft cloth.First, it needs to tie around the neck so that one end is longer than the other.Further, one end of the scarf to roll in the form of roses.Then the flower is attached with a pin that is pinned to the node scarf.As to the second end, that it can be assembled in the same way or simply drape.

How to tie a scarf coat cowboy node ?

Oddly enough, but this method is ideal for the office environment.To tie a knot so called cowboy enough to throw the ends of the scarf around his neck in the opposite direction.Then they should move forward and tie a simple knot.If a light scarf, the ends can be collected.Otherwise they are free to hang down.

How to tie a scarf coat square knot ?

to this site need not an ordinary scarf and a big scarf.It should be folded in half to make a triangle.Himself scarf tied just like a cowboy unit (left rear ends).This formed a triangle on the chest.Such an option of tying the scarf can decorate any way, if properly pick up the print and additional accessories.For example, if the ends of the scarf tied in a knot and decorate the brooch, it will a very elegant way.

What scarves to suit coats ?

Before how to tie a scarf on the coat, it is necessary to select the appropriate accessory.Remember that outerwear is primarily suited scarves made from loose fabrics - cotton, viscose, cashmere or merino wool.Effectively looks and accessories, made of knitwear.The latest models look good on a coat with a small collar or no.If the coat has a collar surround-apache or bright finish on the chest, the better the scarf worn under clothing.

with a coat will look great bright scarves and warm colors.Light colors will refresh your look.But the dark features of the model can make more stringent.In addition, if a scarf decorated with fringe or a beautiful pattern, it does not need complicated draperies.The main thing that the accessory does not hang below the edge of his coat.