What applies ointment sprains?

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often under heavy exertion there is a rupture in the fibers of the articular ligaments.This injury, called stretching, can have serious consequences.Depending on the intensity of damage likely to breach the integrity of the partial portion of the fibers, and may also have a gap or a gap in the region of its ligament attachment to bone.Data injuries occur, usually in the knuckles, knees, ankles and wrists.The damaged area with the swells and strong pain.

Stretching can cause various complications.In this regard, the patient is required to provide timely and proper assistance that will ensure a quick recovery.

most effective means to combat injuries of the joints is a special ointment.When you sprain it will eliminate the pain.She cope with swelling, arising from the defeat of the smallest vessels.Apply ointment sprains removes diseased tissue from excessive stimulation, as well as bruising.When exposed to the skin is a tool produces tissue regeneration and restoration of microcirculation blood flow.

All ointments used for sprains, are divided into three types of local therapy agents that have an irritating and distracting activities.These include:

  • anesthetics;
  • NSAIDs local action;
  • chondroprotectors.

Ointment sprains "Anestezin" refers to the first type of funds.This group includes "Benzocaine".These drugs are able to deprive the sensitivity of the injured area and eliminate the pain.

Ointment sprains "Diclofenac" refers to the non-steroidal drugs.This group can be attributed to "Indomethacin".Preparations great eliminate pain symptoms and relieve swelling.Their use allows to save the patient from inflammation.

chondroprotective drugs are the latest trends in the treatment of sprains.The use of these tools allows you to influence the structure of the ligament in the focus of its defeat.Thus, "Ultra Collagen" - is not only salve in tension, but also topical preparations, allowing anesthetize and treat damaged tissues, strengthen and protect them from the inside.

How to cure the injured ligament, tells us and Alternative Medicine.The ointments prepared based on natural substances possess analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.Using the popular recipes often provides a greater effect than the use of pharmacological agents.Independent preparation of ointments recommended by folk healers, simple.To receive them boiled with pork fat eucalyptus leaves and grated garlic for five minutes.The good effect gives the ointment from river mud mixed to a creamy consistency with apple cider vinegar.The procedure is carried out daily with the means to be before it is heated.It is also recommended the use of potatoes rubbed with leaves of plantain mixed with pork fat.Means, it is desirable to rub the night in the lesion.