How to reduce the pressure at home?

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In modern society, one of the most common diseases include hypertension.The prevailing part of the patient refers to the pension age category.However, each time to seek help from a doctor or not possible or inconvenient, so all interested in how to reduce the pressure in the home.Ardent opponents of the drug say that it can be done, and through the use of natural resources.

How to reduce the pressure at home?Change your relationship with food!

Every person with the responsibility to approach their own diet.The fact is that any product entering the body, carries a specific energy charge that is acting as the wood to maintain a fire.However, not all dishes are equally useful.In the presence of hypertension better forever renounce the use of alcoholic beverages and coffee, as well as too salty, spicy and fatty foods.Heavy foods such as meat and fish should be steamed, as well as a side dish is better to give preference to vegetables and fruits fresh.The abrupt transition to proper nutrition and supplementation with certain foods can quickly lower the pressure.In order to maintain a strong immune system should be during the day to eat at least three apples.Rejection of salt contributes to the normalization of water balance and stabilize the operation of all body systems.

How to reduce the pressure at home?Methods of alternative medicine

Doctors recommend drinking tea with natural fruit and herbs.For example, the teapot with black tea can throw some viburnum berries or grapes, cut into small slices of grapefruit.The drink will not only incredibly fragrant and tasty but also very useful.Get rid of mild hypertension would allow the use of hibiscus tea or regular green without additives.Positive properties are famous teas from herbs such as chamomile, mint, lemon balm.No less obvious effect has beet kvass.For the preparation you will need a pound of beet kvass, a small handful of fennel seeds and a liter of pure non-carbonated water.Beets cut into small slices, spread on the bottom of the tank, then fill with water and insist until until it starts to form the characteristic foam.Then, add the seeds and put the brew in the fridge for a few hours.The course of treatment is a week, take half a cup three times a day.

How to reduce the pressure at home?Acupuncture - the most effective method

use of various concoctions and tinctures really give the desired result, but only if regular use.Among the emergency response measures include a technique called acupuncture.It involves achieving results by massaging certain points.In order to reduce the pressure quickly, it is necessary to find a point located inside the dimple under the earlobe, and slide your finger to smooth vertical line up to the collarbone.This gap needs us.For the desired effect is sufficient to carry out a periodic light stroking by pressure for five minutes.