To hide a crib: the best ideas for the brave students

The life of the disciple or student there is everyone.That teacher will fall, especially to create conditions for taking bribes, the list of topics to give the exam three days before his passing, the subject itself requires accurate knowledge and information you can not even remember, but generalities indispensable.One way or another, and without an auxiliary tool in the form of a "spur" honest student can not do.Therefore, even the most diligent student must know where to hide the cheat sheet so as not to get caught and be able in a difficult moment to use it.

Tips for "SpursĀ»

It goes without saying that the crib should be as compact and inconspicuous.So before to think about where to hide a crib in the exam, you need to take care of their well-written.It is best to fit the sheets in the box, in which the answers are recorded in each line.For greater compactness is recommended to use acronyms and abbreviations.The most important place is best to emphasize - it will help to structure the data and to facilitate the search for relevant information.Instead of having to write a single large "spur", divide the information into several parts, each of which is most convenient to fold like an accordion.

To hide a crib

On the one hand, it should be within reach, but on the other - do not catch the eye too much supervisory examiner.We note at once that the choice of the best option to give confidence leaf depends on the sex of the person.Students in this plan has its advantages, but at the students - their own.Therefore, the final choice of place and method of use will have to choose for yourself.We will try to offer the most suitable options:

1. To hide cribs girl?Some prefer to use for this purpose a bra, but it is not the best idea to use have to be closed notebook or something else, and this will inevitably lead to suspicion.It is much easier to use for this skirt!Cribs can be attached with tape or pin it to the inner lower edge so that the exam was enough to throw the right direction and to use crib, do not remove it from the skirt.You can also hide the "spur" of the elastic stocking.

2. To hide a crib guy?The advantage of the male half of that in the exam as a hiding place for "spur" can use his tie and cuffs of shirts and jackets.In the latter case it is convenient to use the gum for the money or for the hair.Alternative method - socks or bottom of a wide collar.

3. To hide a crib when it's hot?Clothing - this is not the only place where you can put the saving "spur."If you know the audience, which will be passing the exam and you can pre-arrange with comrades who will sit where you can pre-record a formula pencil on the back of the back standing in front of a chair or table top of the desk.And the most important formulas and date convenient to write on the side of the fingers - so they are easy to use, and it is unlikely to guess the teacher.We have composure, courage and successful delivery!