Shamayka - fish, called the "royal"

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Shemaiah (shamayka) - a fish that belongs to the carp.This species is distributed in the basins of the Azov, Black and Caspian Seas.It does not grow to large sizes.For example, a representative of "black seas" weighs on average about 180-270 g, while there are also instances of large size, which reach 650 But Caspian fish shamayka, photos are presented in this article, it grows up to 240 g, but very rarelythere kilo and fish.


This fish takes its name from the Persian "shah-Mai", the phrase translates as - "royal fish."Its procurement price ulterior motive is the largest compared to other fish of the Azov Sea, she was able to get around even sturgeon.Every year, this is very valuable fish caught less, that is due to the deterioration of the conditions of its reproduction (hence, catch, release it).Shamayka - fish, which has much in common with the famous vimba, with her mouth end, the body is more elongated.

in different regions of Russia Shemaah Spawning takes place at different times: the fall in the Kuban region, winter or early spring on the Don, in Kourou Caspian shemaya included in the winter, while in the Terek in December.Spawns it on rivers with rapids and fast flowing, rocky bottom, which takes place at night or at dusk.Her eggs are very small.

structure Shemaah

Fish shamayka well known to many of its flavor and tenderness of meat.Without a shred of doubt, it is one of the most valuable cyprinids, in Persia it is no accident called the king.

It is a kind of a bleak, but shemaya while significantly larger than the first.Often it reaches a length of 30 cm and weighs 800 grams.Fish has a fine scales and an elongated body.Anal fin she is behind the dorsal fin.In addition, her lower jaw thickened at the top, and in front of the top is issued.Head and back at the fish with soft dark blue tint, and the side with the belly silvery white;fins slightly greyish back and tail - with a thin blackish rim, silver eyes have a black dot in the upper half.


Fish shamayka (photos can be seen in this article) is found only in the rivers that belong to the basin of the Sea of ​​Azov, Black and Caspian Seas, while it comes in every one of them and does not rise high.In addition, recently the fish was discovered in large quantities in the Aral Sea.Most of it lives in the Sea of ​​Azov and the Caspian Sea, where it adheres to the southern shores.So, it comes out of the Sea of ​​Azov only in Kuban, while in Don is extremely rare.

Shamayka - fish, which lives mainly in the Caspian Sea at the mouth of the Terek, Kura River and Persian.In the Black Sea it is not so common, while still comes here in the Dniester, Bug and Dnepr.In the rest of Europe, it is found only in the Danube, where it refers to a rare species of fish, although some of the Bavarian lakes, it is prevalent.


her life almost completely unknown.In our country, it is almost always lives in the sea, although the river comes only to spawn.Shamayka (fish), who lives in Bavaria, prefers pure and cold water from the bottom of the stones.She likes fast enough for, therefore comes into the Volga River, and rarely it can be found in the river, and the Kura, Kuban, Terek and Persian faster rivers shemaya lives in large quantities.


shamayka fish feed on plankton, worms, larvae and insects, crustaceans.The fish reaches sexual maturity to two years of his life.Shemaiah spawn in warm water.Thus spawning occurs mostly at night.It spawns in the shallows with a fairly fast-flowing, mainly in places with pebble (rocky) the bottom, and then the process goes to the sea.

After 3-4 days the larvae emerge from the eggs.The fry is about a year in spawning rivers, because it develops a long time.Trifle away in the sea weighing only about one gram, where she begins to grow much quicker and smarter.It mainly feeds on small crustaceans, insect larvae, juveniles, phytoplankton.

Catching shamayki

Interestingly, sport gear this valuable catch fishes exclusively in the west of the Caspian Sea, is used primarily while bottom fishing rods.To facilitate the landing of, and make long casts, amateur fishermen using spinning rod when starting to go to spawn shamayka (fish).Red Book when it involves this kind on the endangered list.

Lesko use 0.4 mm thick, sometimes thicker, because the fishing is used quite a heavy load, weighing about 100 grams.Its tip is tied to the fishing line, then it is mounted on a lead 2-3 total length of about 40 cm and a diameter of line 0.25 mm.In the Caspian Sea as bait is mainly used shrimp.Most good biting occurs in early spring when shemaya approaching the shore.It should nevertheless be recalled that the catch of the fish is prohibited.