Interior Ministry Special Forces: form, weapons, standards, training

Spetsnaz MVD was founded August 29, 1957.It was then and there were five separate units to obey the command of groups of troops and military districts.Interior Ministry commandos annually celebrate their professional holiday on this day.And the best fighters prepared an excellent program, during which demonstrate their professional skills (the fight with the enemy, broken bricks, and so on. D.).In this article, we will briefly tell you about the Russian Interior Ministry special forces.Let's get started.


Spetsnaz MVD includes several divisions, each of which has its own form.Costumes men differ depending on the tasks they perform.Features Miscellaneous compared form commandos using camouflage weapons.Sometimes the soldiers sew clothes to order.Shoes men wear only the most durable and comfortable - ankle boots.Headdress - takes (gray or maroon).SWAT outfit - classic white or green camouflage with black spots.Patches (Patches), and icons are sold separately, although at the moment some of their military units are free of charge.Most often, the chevrons are circular in shape with the emblem of the special forces.Very often stripe purchased for demobilization.This chevron, according to tradition, the special forces, sewn with white thread.Due to the form of enhanced training wear very quickly.Because of this, the soldiers often have to change it.


Currently, the Ministry of Interior Army (Special Forces) are very well prepared to carry out sabotage and intelligence operations.Therefore, most of the weapons of the unit is designed for intelligence and secret penetration into enemy territory.Very often men use silent weapons and indirect fire, which allows to shoot, hidden around the corner.Another popular group of tools - precision sniper rifles.They are designed to kill the enemy from a distance of up to 1.5 km.For special forces soldier it is very important to hit the enemy with one shot, so these rifles have in the arsenal of most units.The modern army is using large-caliber rifled weapons used to destroy military equipment and vehicles.Also, certain special forces company supplying weapons for underwater shooting.

Standards Standards to join the special forces of the Interior Ministry is not very complicated.However, to achieve good results will have to spend a lot of time and effort.The candidates put forward the following requirements:

  • hundred meters - no more than 13 seconds.
  • Complex exercises for strength - 15 times.
  • Pull-ups - not less than 18 times.
  • three-kilometer cross - no more than 12 minutes.
  • shuttle run is 100 meters - no more than 25 seconds.

fighting techniques and training

Interior Ministry special forces trained to fight the system, with which you can defeat almost any opponent.However, it stipulates that the enemy can hold different types of martial arts.A main focus of the training process aimed at finding the weaknesses of the opponent.It should be noted that this technique can be studied battlefield and civilian.Therefore, there are so many who want to master melee combat and special forces to fight back if attacked detractors.The studied methods to help protect yourself in every situation, and even to fight with multiple opponents simultaneously.

long time training special forces were strictly classified and remained a military secret.The procedure known exclusively special forces soldiers.All training operations practiced in the real world, and experts were fixed behavior, psychological stability, and combat skills of soldiers during stressful situations.Each fighter was required to hone the fighting techniques of the ideal, because sometimes the success of assimilation depended not only the life of the soldier, but of all his colleagues.

highest award

the highest reward for any fighter entering the Interior Ministry special forces, is maroon beret.Some of the soldiers several times an exam, but did not reach the goal.To obtain it you need to go through a lot of difficult challenges, from many kilometers of running and sparring finishing (protective gear) with the best fighters.If the soldier will be able to stand and fight to stay on his feet, he will be awarded the coveted maroon beret - a symbol of strength and courage.Each year, the school special forces end many soldiers, but only a few are entitled to wear this hat.