Installation Grohe: description, the nuances of installation

German company Grohe is one of the most reliable and largest manufacturers of sanitary equipment.Its products have become popular among Russian consumers due to its high quality and durability.Production of the company is different and gorgeous appearance.Increased demand for toilets and installing them.Next, we take a closer look with the "GROHE".


Installation toilet Grohe is lightweight.This, in turn, facilitates their installation.Furthermore, the product reliability and durability.It should also be noted that the installation of toilet Grohe suitable for sanitary ware items other manufacturers.Products are ideal for installation not only in home lavatories, but also in public buildings.Production differs high durability, practicality and durability.Grohe Installation can be mounted anywhere in the bathroom.This is particularly important in the process of interior decoration.Installations for overhead toilet Grohe meets all existing standards.

main advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages that the installation Grohe, it should be noted:

  • Hygiene.
  • Quiet Time.
  • Increased usable area bathrooms.
  • versatility and compactness.
  • efficiency in water consumption.
  • Convenience and ease of installation.
  • safety and reliability.

During operation, the system does not require maintenance for a long period.Thanks to technology EcoJoy, significant cost savings of water per flush.Whisper System to reduce the volume of noise during operation.Have products are, however, a significant disadvantage.It is the high price of products.Quality installation Grohe is within 2.5-10 thousand rubles (depending on model).However, the quality and reliability of the product justifies the cost.

Design features

Install installation Grohe made at the height of 1.13 m. On the cistern there is a small window of Audit.Installation can be carried out in the premises of various design and size with a modern design.Installation Grohe withstand a load of 400 kg.This is evidenced by the results of tests on the durability of the product.Design features make it easy to clean the room.Installation Grohe (kit contains instructions with detailed recommendations) mounted quickly.With assembly could handle any host.To carry out the installation does not require special skills or sophisticated equipment.To install the required hammer, tape measure, pencil, level, and wrenches.

Installation: general information

installation is equipped with a QuickFix.Innovative technology that was used in the design fastening products, allows for quick installation.Fixing is carried out using a minimum number of elements.With the integrated centering mechanism ensures high quality of installation.

Features mounting

Installation is carried out not earlier than 10 days after completion of rough finishing in the bathroom.If the walls of previously laid tile, composition for fixing it should gain the necessary strength and dry thoroughly.Otherwise, the material can not withstand the load of the system installation.Before installation, carefully carry out all the measurements and adjust to the required parameters connecting pipes sewer drain.Exercise is necessary cautiously, avoiding errors, as these items are delivered exclusively bundled with the system and to find them on the open market is problematic.

Progress installation

couplings should be put on a hairpin, and then pave the amortization gasket.After this is done mount the cup and nozzle.Fixation should be performed by alternately tightening the nuts until toilet into place.After installation is done the control of plums.If no leaks are ready to install button.Before that, you should carefully read and follow the instructions.Hoses pushers are cut exactly to the size specified in the drawing.Positioning button drain the best seam or tile in the middle.At qualitative execution of mounting elements of the system must not leak.Button plum when properly installed should have a smooth ride and easy to press.Not allowed deflections bowl under the influence of her load.Due to the fact that the installation of the system is performed prior to installation of the finishing processes, before mounting caps close all of the holes in the pipes and the cistern in order to avoid debris.

In conclusion

installation systems Various models are equipped with additional elements.Due to their presence significantly improves the quality and convenience of both the installation and subsequent operation of the product.The installation system allows you to mask all communications with unsightly and spoil the interior bathrooms.As a result, the design space only wins.Due to the wide range of diversity, each user can choose the most suitable option as the installation of the system cost, and modification.Installed products have a sufficiently long lifetime.The company Grohe has repeatedly received awards for quality and perfection of its products.