How to cook cauliflower in batter: a step by step recipe

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How to cook cauliflower in batter so that it turned out juicy and delicious?The answer to this question is described by cooking a little lower.It should be noted that such a simple dish is perfect for the holiday table as a quick snack.However, it is desirable to separately prepare flavorful garlic sauce.But first things first.

Cook cauliflower in batter with garlic sauce

the necessary ingredients for a quick snack:

  • white wheat flour - 5 large spoons;
  • refined sunflower oil - 140 ml (for roasting vegetables);
  • standard chicken eggs - 2 pcs .;
  • fine iodized salt - 1/3 small spoon;
  • cauliflower Intermediate - 1 pcs .;
  • semolina - ½ cup;
  • high fat mayonnaise - 120 g;
  • chives svezhie- 3 pcs.

Processing vegetables before boiling

Before you cook cauliflower in batter, you should well handle all acquired vegetable.It must be rinsed in a little tepid water and then separate the florets from the main stem and then rinse thoroughly.

cooking egg batter

How to cook cauliflower in batter for the holiday table?In order to implement this undertaking should be strongly beat the eggs, then pour them a fine iodized salt, wheat and white flour.As a result of these steps, you should get a viscous and semi-liquid batter.You also need a separate bowl pour a small amount of semolina.

Thermal processing vegetables on a gas stove

Before you fry the cabbage in boiling oil, it should be a little boil in salted water.For this processed fresh vegetable inflorescence is required to put in a pan and cook for 12-16 minutes.Next, you must discard the cabbage in a colander, to deprive all of the liquid and dry well, using paper towels or a towel.

How to cook cauliflower in batter in the pan

After inflorescence vegetables are separated from the main stem and herbal teas, and mixed batter, should begin to heat treatment snacks.To do this, take the cabbage, obmoknut it in semi-liquid batter, then roll in the semolina into the pan.The latter is required before this process as much as possible to warm up with the sunflower oil.

When the dish lightly browned on all sides, it is necessary to remove the fork from the pan and place in a large deep dish.

Cooking fragrant sauce

Fried cauliflower in batter must be submitted to the table along with delicious and fragrant sauce.To do this, you want to publish fat mayonnaise in a bowl and add the grated chives.Next, you need to mix the two components and place in a beautiful kremanku.

How to submit an appetizer to the table

cauliflower fried in batter, a very juicy, tasty and nourishing.This snack should be presented in a warm or cold with garlic sauce.Serve vegetable dishes for the holiday table is recommended after the salads, but the main hot lunch.