It is easy to reach perfection - exercises for the legs and thighs

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Female legs are the object of admiration of almost all the representatives of a strong half of mankind.It legs given a great many words of praise of artists in various genres.Quotes from men and often women themselves, give the legs of the status of this symbol of true beauty.Many women believe that to achieve compliance with the above, it is extremely difficult, and this process should be accompanied by a lot of effort, and requires a lot of time-consuming.It is worth noting that in fact it is not.The following proposed exercises for the legs and hips is simple implementation and will not take much time.Of course, the following terms shall be carried out as a complement to complexes containing exercises for the buttocks and leg exercises to stretch the legs, as well as common exercises, allows you to keep your own body in good shape and give her appearance irresistible.At the same exercises for the legs and thighs, for the most "problematic" places most women should be carried out with particular diligence - only positive results will not keep you waiting.

So, exercises for the legs and thighs, carefully fulfilling that you can achieve good results, and forget about the problems of the most beautiful parts of the body:

1. Preparation.To warm you need to do a little jogging, it is possible on the spot.The duration of runs 5-7 minutes.Thus it is necessary to alternate leg movements: running quietly, barely lifting his feet, raising his knees, directing the movement of the legs back and pulling the heel to the buttocks.Do not be amiss to make a small number of sit-ups.

Warming up the muscles to avoid injury and to hold feet to the main training complex comprising exercises for the legs and thighs.

2. Starting position is standing.The heels should be kept together.Socks apart.The back is straightened, shoulders straighten.Stomach and buttocks should be tightened, retracted.Hands is attached to a position with elbows bent and relaxed brushes.

Performing exercises - a squat on one leg.Other displays at the same time forward, toe drags, and then the leg is pulled back and the side.The body must remain still.The foot, which squatted, not rectified.The number of repetitions for each leg - 10-20.

3. Starting position - kneeling.Hands are placed as in the first exercise.The main requirement of this exercise is to maintain posture.

First you need to sit on the right buttock by pushing your arms forward.Then take the starting position and change the left buttock.Repeat 20-30 times.

4. Starting position - sitting on the floor.The body must be thrown back, while leaning on his elbows.The legs move upward at an angle of 45 degrees.Produced quick change of feet - first from top left leg, then the right.The main requirement of this exercise is to keep the balance.Proper execution of this exercise involves the almost complete lack of involvement of the abdominal muscles.To enhance the effect may be more to push the legs to the side when changing their position.Repeat 40-45 times.

5. Starting position - lying on his back.The legs are raised at a right angle upward.Hands should be located along the body.It should be widely spreads her legs apart, and then reduce them together.The main requirement of the exercise is smooth execution.These movements allow you to give your muscles endurance, as well as implement them stretch.Repeated 15-25 times.

After exercise you must take a vertical position, relax and calm the breath.After the load leg muscles must stay in a relaxed state, at least 5 minutes.