As canned corn for the winter

Many known vegetables Corn, perhaps - the most favorite dish of the children and not only.The plant is quite unique, it is able to accumulate gold, so the ear of golden color.The benefits of corn would say the fact that it contains 26 elements of the periodic table of the famous.By the way, baby corn, canned preserves all its properties.And even more useful it becomes.

Many housewives prefer to just buy a jar at any store.And for good reason.For many years, we preserve the corn house and can say with confidence that it is quite simple.In addition, you can be sure in the ecological purity of the product best.And you are no preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers and other filthy.

order not to get lost among the variety of options for the recipe, we'll show you as canned corn, retaining all beneficial properties and unsurpassed taste.


We focus on two versions of the workpiece, time-tested.The first recipe tells how canned corn grains.The process begins with the separation of grains from the cob.For this corn for a few minutes you need to drop into boiling water and immediately pour the cold water.This will facilitate the task.Next, the seeds are washed in boiled water and blanch no more than 3 minutes.Cooking fill: per liter of clean water - a dining room spoon with a hill of salt and three spoons teaspoons of sugar.

Now you need to fill in the prepared grains sterilized jars slightly more than half.Tip: corn roll best in half liter cans.To canned food is not spoiled, it requires long-term sterilization.Banks are covered with lids and tested the complex process of sterilization is not less than 3 hours at a temperature of 100 ° C boiling.The product is immediately rolled up, checked the strength of seaming.These blanks are stored in a cool place for about a year.

second recipe will tell as canned corn on the cob.We even share two ways.For the preparation of conventional billet take cob, thoroughly washed, slightly welded and laid into prepared sterile jars.Next, pour the contents of the special hot brine (per liter of boiling water - 1 teaspoon of table salt).Banks are sterilized at least an hour.But the second way for lovers of spicy foods.It is necessary to take on the cob, peel, wash and boil in a little salted water.Then you can prepare the marinade.Per liter of clean water goes 150 gr.salt.Now prepare yourself canned: a sterilized quart jar is filled with 1 tablespoon vinegar Solovay, followed by spices, bay leaf and parsley.Laid maize cobs and pour boiling marinade.This preform is sterilized minutes 10.

Now everyone learned how canned corn, and can easily cook a variety of dishes with the addition of this wonderful vegetable, entertain friends, and most importantly, be confident in the naturalness of the product prepared one hundred percent.