Organization of the system and its some features

Organization and management - a system that is created to achieve the objectives of a certain group of people.This group can be composed of two sub-groups: the leaders or owners, and hired staff.On this basis, determined by two system, but it is the opposite of the tasks, functions: the implementation of goals and objectives of the leaders of the hired staff.The interests of these two groups often do not coincide, since one of the main tasks that the owners are trying to solve the enterprise, is to minimize the costs, including the salaries of employees.Tasks personnel hired directly opposite - workers try to light to minimize their energy, resource costs and get as much as possible to pay for the work.

If there is a target leaders and hired personnel, even opposing, the organization as a system is in a particular state in which it will be able to realize them.However, to this state was more likely than any other, the resource needs of either energy or substance, or information or a mix of these three components.To obtain the necessary resources, the organization of the system needs to communicate with the external environment of certain products.The product most often combines the energy and material information in various combinations.Naturally, a larger number of products contained substances, and the services - or energy or information.Now managers are increasingly trying to increase the degree of diversity of the product, that is to diversify it, introducing it in all of these three components.Therefore, you can select another system function - production of the product.

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organization as a system exists in a constantly changing environment and therefore inevitably exposed to the effects of it, and in return she affects the objects surrounding it.Therefore, it is possible to isolate and another system function - its interaction with the environment.

Thus, we have identified four basic system functions that perform virtually any organization: the interaction with the environment;realization of the goals of leaders;manufacture of the product;implementation of the objectives of hired staff.

At different stages of development of the organization system function, we have considered in this article, will have a different meaning for her.So, initially the main function is to create such a product because realizing it, the company receives the financial resources necessary for its development.

Isolation of these basic functions will help us understand what the state of the group of factors will influence the development of strategic goals and objectives of the organization as a system.Perhaps this will be:

1) a combination of factors, the combination of which will be implemented targets leaders and staff;

2) factors, the presence of which can realize the production process of the product;

3) a group of factors, with which will be able to implement the requirements of the external environment.

defining the basic functions, you can understand that the organization of the system consists of three subsystems managed by interacting:

1) subsystem, which is an administrative process, directly associated with the production of the product.

2) subsystem that manages the processes of interaction with the rapidly changing environment;

3) subsystem that controls the process by which the leaders will be able to realize the goals and hired staff.

Such an approach will allow us to describe the organization through the interaction of the relevant subsystems that will help to better understand its basic problems and overcome them successfully.