When and where Jesus Christ was born?

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Where Jesus Christ was born?It would seem that this person is a famous historical figures throughout the world.And certainly he has no equal in Europe.What are the questions if all the answers have not simply given, moreover, erected in the canon and can not be reviewed?Where was born Jesus, who he was, and when he died - all this is known.This is the case for half of the Christian believer mira.Vtoraya half represented atheist answers to all these questions is even simpler: Jesus did not exist.It's very simple chain of logic: if there is no God, therefore, could not have been his son.Where Jesus Christ was born?Yes anywhere!According to the results of social polls the last few years, more than ten per cent of respondents from Western Europe and America, non-religious, believe that this character never really existed.


historical figure, however, everything is more complicated.Many modern scholars agree that a man is still there.Of course, a way of life for centuries it has acquired mythological details and fantastic dopolneniyami.Zadachu separate the wheat from the chaff, and set themselves scientists began exploring the problems of historical person of Christ.Important questions remain about what year Jesus Christ was born, what was his real career.However, the exact answer to them is found.

first rationalist criticism of the Bible and doubt in the absolute truth of what is written in it, originated in XVII-XVIII centuries.The main sources of the study began to ancient documents, which relate to the very beginning of our era and include any mention of this man.Valuable sources to this day are the "Antiquities" of Josephus, "Annals" of Tacitus, correspondence Trajan and Pliny the Younger, and others. In the Bible itself also contains a number of facts which can indirectly serve as evidence of the real existence of Christ.For example, the guidance of some of its shortcomings like incontinence, as in the episode of the expulsion of the merchants from the temple, or insufficiently respectful to parents.

current historians point out that completely fictional character certainly would have been completely idealized, without any flaws.One of the modern researchers of this personality - historian Charles Gineber - the question of when and where Jesus Christ was born, said that it really happened somewhere in Galilee, to a poor family during the reign of Emperor Augustus.According to him, there is no reason to deny the real existence of Jesus.Based on the study of the history of painting of the Roman Empire in the mentioned period, everyday life and the orders of its eastern provinces, as well as a critical analysis of the messages of Christ, today's historians reconstruct the way of life though unusual, but absolutely real person.For example, Jesus Christ was born in the Middle East, was an unknown theologian, and has become one of the most enigmatic personalities of world history.