The death of Mayakovsky: a poet tragic end

fatal shot that I heard out of the room at the Lubyanka, the last love of the poet - Veronica Polonsky sounded April 14, 1930 ...

Mayakovsky's death at the thirty-seventh year of life has caused a lot of questions among his contemporaries.Why voluntarily passed away a genius, and loved by the people of the Soviet power "the singer of the revolution"?

In fact, what happened was suicide, no doubt.The results of the examination conducted by forensic 60 years after the poet's death, confirmed that Mayakovsky shot himself.Handwriting examination to establish the authenticity suicide letter written two days earlier.The fact that the note was drawn up in advance, speaks in favor of this act of deliberation.

When three years earlier left the life of Yesenin, Mayakovsky wrote: "In this life, to die is not difficult.
make life much more difficult. "These lines he puts bitter assessment escape from reality by means of suicide.About his own death, he wrote: "... this is not the way ... but I have no way out.


We will never know the exact answer to the question that so much of the poet broke down.But voluntary death of Mayakovsky can be partly explained by the events preceding his death.In part, the choice of the poet reveals his work.The famous line from the poem "The Man", written in 1917: "My heart is torn to shot, and his throat with a razor raves ..." - speak for themselves.

Generally, the poetry of Mayakovsky - a mirror of his nervous contradictory nature.His poems are full or almost adolescent delight and enthusiasm, or the bile and bitterness of disappointment.So Vladimir Mayakovsky described contemporaries.Same Veronica Polonsky main witness the suicide of the poet, wrote in his memoirs: "In general, it has always been extreme.I do not remember Mayakovsky ... calm ... ".

reasons to bring the last line of a poet was set.Married Lilya Brik, the main love and muse Mayakovsky lifetime zoom in and out of it, but never belonged to him totally.Long before the tragedy of the poet twice he flirted with his fate, and the reason for that was the overarching passion for this woman.But then Mayakovsky, whose death still worried minds alive - the weapon misfired.

Begun serious health problems due to overwork and heavy flu, a resounding failure of the play "Banya" in March 1930, parting with Tatyana Yakovleva, which is why we ask to become his wife ... All of these life conflict, indeed, blow by blow if readyMayakovsky's death.Kneeling in front of Veronica Polonsky persuading her to stay with him, so clinging to a relationship with her as a saving straw.But the actress was not ready for such a drastic step like divorce with her husband ... When the door closed behind her, a revolver with a single bullet in the clip put an end to the life of one of the greatest poets.

poet in the last note, asking not "gossip" about his act, but for more than eighty years of Mayakovsky's death - one of the most talked about event in the life of Russian the early twentieth century ...