Detailed instructions: how to remove the footnote in "the Word" and install it

If you're using Word, then you have certainly raised the question of how to remove the footnote in "the Word," or, on the contrary, it inserted.Of course, this function may not require all users, but sooner or later, many still may encounter difficulties in obtaining the text, and then there is a seemingly unsolvable problem.

Under the footnotes we mean links that may be needed to clarify certain parts of the material (for more information).Naturally, this additional information can be voluminous, and all in the same file is not always convenient, and the man who will have to get acquainted with the data is not very convenient to do so.

If you have a desire to increase meaning in the generated text, as well as significantly improve the readability of each page of text, then you definitely need to know how to insert a footnote in "the Word," or, on the contrary, to remove it.It is today, and we will try to analyze in a detailed form all sorts of options for working with links that will surely be used by many users.

without your intervention

Of course, you can use the easiest option - to specify the number of pages on which information is available explanatory.But this is not always true, especially as we have said previously, if your text is voluminous, then no footnotes simply can not do.At the same time a similar function is performed automatically, or rather you do not need to arrange pointers manually.

own hands to install the footnote is not very convenient, but in Word there is a special feature, with which you will be able to do it very quickly.So let's just move on to the question of how to put the footnote in "the Word," and analyze multiple versions of programs.However, given the options practically does not differ among themselves.

search terms

If you installed Word 2007, then this method will suit you, because with it you can make removing and adding footnotes.Be sure to use this method, make sure that your version of the program is just that.To begin to open a text document in which you want to install a footnote, and then select the desired word or phrase that you plan to further explain the additional data.

We recommend pre-allocate such terms, although in both cases need to spend a certain amount of time to indicate the fragments, so your document will be fully optimized and easy to review.When all the necessary parts will be provided, you need to know about how to remove the footnote in "the Word," or set a new one.


on selected word or phrase you press the left mouse button, and then from the dropdown menu select the tab "Links".When you click on this function you will be able to find a special opportunity to "Insert Footnote."If you wish, you can do an easier way - to use the upper toolbar (so much faster to conduct the entire process).

If done correctly, you should see a special number at the bottom of the page were isolated phrases or words.The cursor should be set around this mark, and then enter the appropriate comments, which will be in the footnote.

How to create links to this version, you know, and now need to talk about how in "the Word" to remove the footnotes.This is done not by the reverse, and the removal of the new figures, which appeared at the bottom of the page.The question of whether, as in "the Word" to remove the footnotes do not cause any difficulties.This process is very simple, as well as the removal of certain parts of the text.

How to remove the footnote in "the Word": Finally

If you are using a different version of the program and also want to learn how to get results, we can say that the links established by practically the same in all versions of Office applications.Keep in mind that the question of how to remove the footnote in "the Word," is a simple, yet return changes after you save the document will not be possible.