How to install spotlights for bathroom

Bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house.According to statistics, this is where people spend the most time.However, it is usually divided into zones, the bulk of which is located near the mirror.It was there and organize basic lighting to provide better visibility.This is usually used spot lights for the bathroom.

fact that the bathroom is a room where there is high humidity, which means that the organization of the lighting and wiring needed to approach with responsibility and all the features.Standard bathrooms are equipped with a lamp that was hermetically sealed bubble.However, it can not provide good visibility and high-quality lighting.Therefore recommend the use of spotlights to the bathroom, which is not only carried out in a sealed housing, but also used for its operation voltage of 12 V. These devices are the most secure, while they can be installed in large numbers for the organization of the necessary level of illumination.

To provide the right light for installation of lighting systems, it is necessary to divide groups of fixtures in the zones.In addition, each group shared their switch.The first consists of bath fixtures for the point that create general lighting.They are installed on a ceiling over its entire area with respect to the necessary amount of light.

second group of lamps installed in places where it is necessary to obtain additional coverage.For example, arrange lighting near the mirror.At the same spots for bathroom are inserted in such a way that the lighting could use even without the inclusion of the main light.

should be noted that in conventional homes do not use voltage of 12 V. Therefore, to ensure the operation of their lamps must be connected using a step-down transformer.The transformer must be installed in the apartment, and have him start the wires into the room and connect the spotlights to the bathroom.This will provide additional security and help get rid of the problems with the service in the future.

Another important point in the organization of lighting in the bathroom is that during the assembly will have to work with high voltage and electrical equipment.Also it requires some knowledge not only about the spotlights for the bathroom, but also about the installation and electricity.Therefore it is not recommended to carry out the procedure on their own, you need a qualified specialist.This will help prevent cases of electric shock, fast output wiring failure and even fires.

spotlights reliability is very high, and the light from them bright and smooth.Therefore, making the installation of these fixtures once, it will be possible for a long time to forget about the problems with the lighting in the bathroom, and even the replacement of blown bulbs not be easy.