Fashionistas in the style of "vamp": manicure red jacket

beautiful nail art, perhaps the most democratic, because it is available to ladies of all ages - from young teenage girly respectable lady to the elderly.The more experience, the more accurate and better turns formalize their nails, making cute female handle a real miracle candy.

good old french

No, in this case, does not refer to man's coat of military cut.We are talking about varieties of French manicure (the word literally translated: "french" - "French manicure").A red jacket - very elegant, beautiful, spectacular design nail varnishes are produced by different colors, the focus of which is on all shades of red - from bright scarlet, poppy to dark burgundy, cherry.The classic version - a combination of red and white or solid paints.However, you can not limit the imagination and use more 1-2 contrasting color such as black or dark blue.When the experiment is finished, you will be pleasantly amazed at how bright, extraordinary looks red jacket on your hands than conventional nail polish.

Species tunic

French manicure with red accents can be done in three basic versions:

  • white "smile" and the red field of the nail plate;
  • red "smile" and a white box nail;
  • red "smile" and neutral coverage of the nail field.

When the desired option is chosen, begins a flight of fancy.Diversify this splendor may crystals - one large in the upper corner of each claw or bezel around melenkih "smile".Perhaps to draw the border "smile" contrasting edging to emphasize the primary colors.When a neutral background red nail field jacket perfectly complemented by a decorative pattern.Skill level determines the degree of difficulty of the pattern and degree of aesthetic get a manicure.

What do your nails?

Any manicure looks primarily at the manicured nails, carefully crafted, with podpilennymi edges and no edge of the dirt beneath them.Breaking or nibbling the nail plate is strictly prohibited: this violated the integrity of its structure, it becomes brittle and loses all foliated presentable.The threat ill with anything, ranging from stomatitis and diarrhea, it seems, even to prevent it is not necessary - it is so clear.

length is important too.Red jacket is very good in the medium and long marigolds.The outer edge must have an oval or square shape.The square looks spectacular on the long manicure - with short fingers appear smaller and thicker than it actually is, and she hand - rough.A oval suited to medium, and long.Shape "Claw" is also an interesting option.It is best if the outer edge will be red and the rest - neutral: flesh, light peach, pale pink.

be recalled that made red jacket on the nails is not only "natural", but also on the gel, acrylic coating in the process of building.Materials such as bio-gel and gel nail, tips are not for less.

Subtleties application

As already mentioned, the usual jacket with a focus on red lacquer is pretty easy.The difficulty, perhaps, could cause drawing "smile": it is necessary to carry out clearly, accurately and, most importantly, the same thickness and bending on all fingers.Only then the red jacket, photos of different models confirm this, will gain the desired effect.Therefore, in order to "fill" the hand is better first to use special stencils.If they are not at hand, and find it difficult to draw a semi-circle, can be represented by "smile" in the form of the Latin «V».It will be very original.

Applying the other "goodies" in the form of pastes, decoration foil and mica, decorative patterns are best left to the masters of nail art in special stores.