Market - a real battleground of buyers and sellers

Many buyers mistakenly believe that the market - it is the place of sale at the same time quality and inexpensive goods.However, the reality is far less rosy.A few decades ago, many were engaged in household and carried that produced on the market.It used to be the main and almost the only place of trade, and therefore the demand for products has always been high, as none of the buyers did not doubt the natural product.Currently, a large number of shops and supermarkets, but the market has not lost its relevance.But those who go there for the best value things that you need to be careful.

market products is fraught with many secrets and tricks.Sellers weight wrong customers, offer them the stale goods, and called misleading country of origin.And the fact that the market - it is a place where they can deceive even know the children.However, there are schemes that we do not even suspect, and therefore fall for deception unfair trade workers.

  1. In order to increase the mass of sugar, bags of them put o
    n a night near the water tank.The sugar absorbs moisture and becomes heavier by 10%.Therefore, when buying pay attention to the fact that it was not dark, and there was no lumps.
  2. When buying fish, choose the one on which the thinnest ice.Dishonest sellers specially soaked it in water and sell ice, and for that you pay.
  3. Meat trade is linked mainly with a view to sell the stale goods.For this enterprising merchants rub meat production sunflower oil, soak it in a solution of potassium permanganate and go to other tricks.In order to check whether the stained meat, attach to it a white napkin.If the color is unnaturally bright, it means this product you should not buy.
  4. to increase the mass of curd in it are often mixed semolina.To identify cheating, have cut the piece - cottage cheese with impurities will be scattered on the chips, and the spoiled get a perfect clean cut.
  5. Milk is also not recommended to buy with it, do not try it, because in order that it does not spoil, cunning sellers added to a soda.And, of course, all the food products required documents on the health inspection.

in stores such tricks are used much less frequently than the market, as major trading point value their reputation.Therefore, to buy food, perhaps, is to prefer the tried and tested places.However, besides food, there is also a clothing market, which is also full of surprises and surprises.And they are in most cases is to assign brand those things that clearly do not deserve this.In addition, it is very difficult for an inexperienced person to distinguish natural from artificial skin, which is used by unscrupulous sellers.And, of course, there are cases when the clothes and shoes made in China issued for the Polish, Italian or American.

all these tricks of the modern market is saturated.It is in most cases the result of an increased supply of healthy competition and carelessness of buyers.So, going shopping, be extremely careful.