How to remove the smell of fume after the feast

Every adult has the right to celebrate holidays fun, often with alcohol.And if in the morning you need to drive or go for a conversation with the head?Then in my head there is only one question: how to remove the smell of fume from the mouth?No matter how rough it was night, the morning staff member should look perfectly in all respects.This is especially true of people in leadership positions, because they set an example for subordinates.But in life anything can happen, so you must know what steps to take.

How to remove the smell of fume?Enlists the aid of products

In such a situation is considered to be the best means of brine sauerkraut.Today, he does not enjoy adequate popular, and for good reason: because the brine stimulates the removal of toxins from the body.The same properties have milk, he even gave the staff for the so-called harm production.Generally after drinking need to drink plenty of fluids, including water with lemon, freshly squeezed juices, broths.The fact that the use of a liquid in large quantities beneficial to the well-being due to the maximum output of toxins formed in the blood due to alcohol.

the question of how to remove bad breath, should take the role of a separate food.As a rule, followed by a boisterous celebrations did not want to eat, so we drink a cup of coffee and run to work.This is the most common mistake: after all, the best assistants in combating considered stale oatmeal, parsley and citrus.Also perfect ice cream with a handful of sunflower seeds, walnuts or pistachios.It is not as effective tools include garlic and onions, that's just such a scent is unlikely to enjoy the inspector, and especially to colleagues at work.

How to remove the smell of fume?The strength in the sport

As is known, the minimum physical activity helps to speed up metabolism, which means that the process of withdrawal of toxic substances is faster.Enough to force myself to make the banal exercises for ten minutes and to fix the result of light jogging, the body began to work better.After some exercise you should refresh your body: douche in this matter - the best helper.Choosing a dress for the day, should give preference to natural fabrics and the most free breed, so the skin to breathe and there was no hesitation in his movements.It will not hurt to call the pharmacy and purchase the drug "Antipolitsay."It comes in tablet form and sprays, breath freshening.And many use this tool on a daily basis to eliminate bad breath, not alcohol-related.

How to remove the smell of fume?Traditional recipes

So followers of non-traditional means of treatment is recommended in the morning to chew a few coffee beans.In emergency situations when it is necessary in a few minutes to get rid of the smell, you can use the miraculous properties of spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, bay leaf and cloves.Talking about how to get rid of the smell of alcohol in the mouth, not to mention the efficiency of products with high fat content.It is enough to drink only one spoon of olive oil or cream to forget about the problem ... before the next meal.