Olga Kurylenko: biography, filmography and personal life

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Due to the James Bond film world famous French actress got Olga Kurylenko.Biography reveals some secrets of fans associated with her childhood and career.Modern cinema prints in light of new actors, lovers of this art will be interesting to see their idols better.


Olga was born in Berdyansk 11/14/1979, but soon after the daughter of divorced parents.His father disappeared from the life of the girl, and they stayed with their mother alone with their problems.Mom taught drawing at the school, as well as giving extra lessons.The money in the family was not enough, she was all the time at work and raising a child engaged grandmother.

Five people lived in a small apartment grandmother, home to the future model and actress Olga Kurylenko.Biography girl reveals that she had since childhood to work hard.Just a child, she worked on his education:

  • learn to play the piano, she began at age 7;

  • classes in ballet class;

  • work in the drama club with participation in theatrical productions;

  • drawing lessons as a hobby;

  • enhanced learning English from the age of eight.

teenager's mother, Olga drove to Moscow on vacation there and there was a fateful meeting.In the underground they were approached by a representative modeling agency and invited the girl to take part in the casting.But Olga was still too young for the job, so he said goodbye and left his card.

sixteen came to conquer Moscow Olga Kurylenko.Biography Oli from now heads for fame and financial well-being.

meteoric rise in career

Alyabusheva Marina (Olga's mother) has prepared for her daughter unpretentious portfolio, with which the girl and went to the casting.She took in modeling school and a year later was offered a contract with the international agency and move to France.

It was hard and my mother, and daughter in the country of fashion and glamor, the main reason - the language barrier.Only work and the constant employment kept Olga from buying a return ticket.

perseverance and hard work Ukrainian girl led her to modeling stardom.Top publishers, photographers, agency offered her a contract.In 20 years, she has had no problems with money, nor with the work, with nothing.There were no problems, but it was the desire to develop.

film industry while gaining momentum, try yourself in the movie decides and Olga Kurylenko.

Biography French actress of Ukrainian origin with

Despite the fame as a model, his film career, Olga had to start with the low-budget erotic movie "The finger of love."Olga played a major role, but for the audience the film went unnoticed.It is fair to note that the role of Iris - this is the first starring role before her Kurylenko starred in episodes of the series "Largo."

Further film work has increased, and the girl accumulating acting skills because born actress Olga Kurylenko.Biography replenishes its work with well-known actors and directors:

  • «Paris, je t'aime" (2005);

  • «Amulet" (2005);

  • «Serpent" (2005);

  • «Hitman" (2007);

  • «Max Payne" (2008);

  • «James Bond.Quantum of Solace "(2008);

  • «7 psychopaths" (2012);

  • «a miracle» (2012);

  • «Empires of the Deep" (2012);

This is a partial list of movies with Olga.Critics and audiences generally warm reception of her work.Several times has been nominated and even received prestigious awards actress Olga Kurylenko.Filmography, biography of Olga are very bright, they show once again: she works hard and achieves a lot.She was not given all the simple and easy, but each contribute adequately evaluated.


beautiful, sexy and talented actress and model Olga Kurylenko.Biography, personal life women are a constant topic of discussion fans and the pages of magazines.

When his busy schedule Olga was twice officially married.

first marriage took place in 1999.Chosen beauty model became her friend and part-time photographer, and the Frenchman Cedric Van Mol.After 3 years, young people have filed for divorce.

Later Olga again put on her wedding dress, her husband was an American entrepreneur.But the marriage was doomed.

Kurylenko recently told the world about his new love.Her choice - a successful Mexican businessman.They intend to formalize their relationship.

Olga has no plans receive professional acting training, considering it unnecessary in the presence of talent.

talent Kurylenko has it confirmed its success, relevance and popularity.Also, she is blessed with hard work and dedication.Fans still rejoice and wish continued success to Olga.