Deliberate causing of serious harm to health.

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Deliberate causing of serious harm to health is the most dangerous type of attack on human health and life, with a tendency to increase.According to the Russian Criminal Code, namely Article 111, to the grave harm include:

  1. harm dangerous to life.This item is harmful to health, later caused threatening condition for life, which can lead to death.It can be as personal injury, or pathological conditions and diseases.To life-threatening incidents include open fractures of long bones, penetrating injuries of the spine and skull damage to important blood vessels, arteries, 2nd degree burns, which exceed 30% of the body surface.Damage of this kind belong to the first group, they pose a threat to the life of the victim.Damage caused by the development of life-threatening, such as coma, severe shock, severe blood loss belong to the second group.
  2. intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm, which is not life threatening, but it refers to the grave of consequences.This may be loss of speech, vision, loss of any of its functions or the loss of the organ.Also, to this point it is addiction and substance abuse, mental health, abortion, loss of efficiency and incorrigible facial disfigurement.

The crime of grievous bodily harm, a crime is considered to be self-serving.This type of crime is the most dangerous and the reasons for which such crimes are different.It may be jealousy, strife, conflict is common, personal animosity or resentment.Basically, intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm occurs under the influence of alcohol when one man can not find a peaceful solution to the problem, and without considering the consequences, trying to resolve it with the help of foreign objects that came to hand.

Depending on the circumstances, this crime can fit several articles of the criminal law.The Criminal Code states that the offense of grievous bodily harm (Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Russia) is intentional.But if the injury was caused in the heat of passion, then the offense falls under Article 113 of the Criminal Code.If the injury was caused as a result of self-defense or as a result of the detention of a person who has committed a crime, who inflicted the injury falls under Art.114 of the Criminal Code of Russia.Also, the Criminal Code contains an article, which specifies the penalty for personal injury by accident or by negligence.To this point the scope of Article 118 of the Criminal Code.

Most often, under Article 111 and 113 of the Criminal Code of the Russian people reach the age of 30 years.This is due to the fact that this falls under the age of the highest point of the physical development of the human body.Physical health and activity of hormones encourages people to commit a crime.The majority of these crimes are not prepared in advance and are not scheduled.

intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm is punishable with imprisonment from two to eight years.If the offense was committed by a group of persons or organized group conspired and committed against two or more persons, it is punishable by imprisonment from five to twelve years.The term of imprisonment is dependent on many factors, including: the confession and repentance of the defendant mitigating or aggravating circumstances, and so forth.

Of the 111 articles of the Criminal Code should be that of three to five years imprisoned, if the crime was committed out of hooliganism,employment, based on hostility and personal hatred, and also because of racial, political, religious, national, and so on. conflicts.