What is a franchise in the hull?

Every motorist at least once in his life faced with the need to buy a policy on the vehicle (the vehicle).It is one thing to issue insurance, t. E. To insure the damage caused to property and health of third parties.Such policies are often acquired for a period of inspection and does not delve into the nuances of contract.And quite another - to acquire CASCO.The premium large huge amount of risk, so once the insurer proposes to issue a franchise.In short the essence of the term is as follows: in the event of an accident the client will still have to spend money to restore the car.But how much and under what conditions, is another question.More details about what is a franchise in the hull, what are the characteristics of its formation, read on.


CASCO - insurance of vehicle theft, theft of or damage to third parties.That is why banks require her presence at registration car loan.The transaction is insured vehicle itself, regardless of who caused the damage.

Writing a policy, an insurance agent is required to issue offer franchise, telling about all the benefits of the transaction and, of course, about the discount, which will receive the client.But their cost can get out sideways thereafter.Deductible - the amount of money that will not be paid by the client in the insurance case.It can be expressed in% of the amount of the contract or in monetary units.Its size is fixed in advance in the contract.That is, take it to the unforeseen expenses impossible.That's what the franchise at Hull in a simplified form.


deductible franchise in hull insurance means that all payments that exceed its size, will be fully compensated by the insurance company (IC).But if the sum of the costs of restoring a car is small, then the client will have to compensate for the damage yourself.Therefore, this franchise and called "conditional".


size franchise is 5 thousand. Rub.If the damage is estimated at 4.5 thousand. Rub., The money the customer will have to pay yourself.But if you need to restore the TC 7 th. Rubles, then cover the losses in full to the company.

Unconditional franchise in hull insurance is deducted from the amount of compensation.That is, in any case, the insurance part of the cost to the customer will have to pay out of pocket.In terms of the previous example, this means that the damage to the 7 th. Rubles, the person will receive only 7 - 5 = 2 ths. Rub.But if ekspertiznaya score of 4.5 thousand. Rubles, it all costs a client will have to compensate themselves.

There are other types of franchises, which are intended for certain categories of customers, but are most often used these two.More profitable unconditional, as in the case of the amount of the deductible costs can be artificially increased by the insured person.


unequivocal answer to the question of whether to buy a policy with a deductible, no.Much depends on the specific situation, the driver's driving experience, his financial capacity.CASCO insurance with a deductible may be useful if:

  • customer wants to save money on buying a policy.If included in the contract any franchise value of the transaction significantly reduced.This particularly applies to drivers without driving experience.In such cases, the SC is used in the calculation of higher rates.The higher the deductible, the cheaper the policy.At the same time the client needs to be alert to the possibility that the compensation he will receive from the company only when significant damage cars.Small scratches he will eliminate at his own expense.
  • person wants to save time.In the insurance case the company need to provide a package of documents from photocopies of passports to certificates from the traffic police.Well, if these documents have been issued immediately at the scene.But often customers have to go for documents to review.If a small amount of damage, it makes sense to compensate for it on their own.So you can win time and money.

  • SC is also advantageous to arrange CASCO franchise.Reviews of employees of firms confirm this.Regardless of the amount of damage compensation bureaucratic application procedure is always the same.But costs can greatly exceed the amount of compensation.Therefore, agents are trying to sell policies with a deductible.

Who should purchase a policy?

dealt with what is a franchise in the hull, turn to the question of who should conclude such an agreement.Thus, the potential buyer must meet several parameters:

  1. availability of funds.Minor damage to the client will have to compensate themselves.But the insured event may not occur.Then the savings on the purchase of the policy is justified.
  2. Long accident-free driving experience.If a person is well managed and the vehicle driving feels like a fish in water, while deductible Hull will save the budget while maintaining a sense of security, since the car will be protected from theft or total destruction.
  3. desire to issue a policy to only one type of risk.Full CASCO includes protection from damage and theft.But if a man confident in his driving skills and small scratches will not pay attention, you should buy a policy with a high deductible (from 7%) for the risk of "damage.""Hijacking" is rarely offered to customers separately.Most often it comes bundled with other services.But if the client is serviced by the company for a long period, the higher deductible in the hull can become profitable acquisition.


Statistically inexperienced drivers often get into accidents, and turn to the company for compensation.For them, the savings on the policy turns into significant cost to restore the car.It is better to buy insurance with higher coefficients.The same applies to drivers who obtained the rights after 40 years.


So who benefits from deductible for Hull?Experienced drivers who do not become fixated on minor scratches and are ready to compensate them for their own account.So customers should buy policies with a deductible in the range of 0.5-2% of the cost of cars.

drivers with long experience of accident-free driving may enter into an agreement under which will be offset only the high cost of restoring the vehicle.Typically, it is provided the deductible in the amount of 7%.

Newcomers better to forget about such a concept as "franchise in Hull", which means - to buy a policy directly from an elevated ratios.Although saving money does not work, but the psychological factor is still work: the driver will be more careful to operate the vehicle.


get a refund in full all you can, even if the client has issued CASCO with franchise.Reviews drivers on forums confirm this.But the trick will be possible only if the perpetrator of the accident is not you.In Russia there are two types of policies - CTP and hull.The first compensates for the damage caused to third parties, and the second - the vehicle insured.So get a piece of reimbursement within the deductible under the policy of insurance can be guilty party.But in this case would have to collect the full set of documents, which is necessary for registration of an insurance case.If part of the costs compensated for CASCO and the documents already submitted to the "native" IC, then the traffic police can request copies of certificates.The most important thing - to issue a procedure before the UK claims that issued CASCO, the insurer culprit.Otherwise the refund will be reduced by the amount of wear and tear.

Car Loan

providing loan funds to purchase the vehicle, the bank may require additional guarantees from the client.In this case it will be Hull.When buying a new car registration of the service is a prerequisite for the transaction.Banks rarely have contracts without insurance.This occurs most often during the promotions.

When buying cars with mileage hull can not make out.Some banks agree to such a scheme, but it is strongly overestimate rates.A credit institution is interested in a refund under any circumstances.But if the car was stolen, and no insurance, you have to compensate the customer, however, as to restore the car after the accident.


Drivers are advised in this case to insure the car for a year (if it will allow the bank) and experimental way to determine whether you need a policy at all.If this is not possible, then the act should be the standard program.Experienced drivers can buy CASCO with franchise under a car loan, which will cover only theft or total destruction.The other is to buy a policy with a small amount of the reduction.

Reduce the cost of the policy may be other ways:

  • Reduce the repayment period from 5 to 2 years.
  • insure a car only for the amount of the loan, without advance payment.Then the return of the franchise will be paid by Hull in the same proportion:

(Payment - deductible) * (Initial value auto - advance) / 100.

Making compensation

Most of the negative responses to the companies associated with a lack of understanding customers essentially all proceduresand concepts, in particular, that is a franchise in the hull.But if you carefully read the contract and understand the details of the deal before signing the papers, the problems can be avoided.Let's consider the example of the procedure of registration payment.

Compensation may be reduced by such deductions: deductible depreciation.All of them formed under the terms of the agreement.By signing the papers, the client agrees and acknowledges that he is aware of the details of the transaction.


person insured vehicle to the amount of 500 thousand. Rub.The agreement spelled deductible franchise in the amount of 1.5% in the case of an accident.The loss is 50 thousand. Rub.The first thing will be adjusted payout - franchise:

50 000 * (1-0,015) = 49 250 rubles.

followed by wear and tear.Because of the cost of the parts that can not be recovered, the amount is deducted wear TC.The longer the car is used, the greater the percentage of these costs.

Matching the cost of repairs to the service station - this option is clearly regulated by the contract.If it is written that the policyholder chooses the SRT, the amount of compensation will be coordinated by the representative of the company and the service station.But in this case, the client can not be sure of the quality of services provided by him.Therefore, at the stage of signing of the documents is to ensure that the agreement included the phrase "under warranty service station."


franchise - is the amount of costs, which in the insurance case will not be compensated by the UK.The presence of this element in the contract reduces the initial cost of the policy.But for inexperienced drivers, these savings can then turn sideways.People who feel insecure while driving, are more likely to get into accidents.Experts advise such clients to purchase a policy directly with high coefficients and terrorize the insurance about each scratch.The deductible can save money only experienced drivers.