As Hitler died: alternate versions

Hitler died?It would seem that all is clear for a long time - according to the official version, there is a 30 April 1945 in an underground bunker in the area of ​​Berlin.Here and found the bodies of Hitler and Eva Braun, his newly-made wife.This version has been confirmed by many people from the dictator's inner circle, as well as experts who conducted the identification and examination of corpses.But is it really?There are several versions, according to which the true answer to the question of how Hitler died, it sounds completely different.Already interested?

«South American" version

Argentine historian and documentary maker and writer Abel Basti in 2006 to publish his book "Hitler in Argentina", first he expressed the opinion that suicide and further burning the corpses of Hitler and Braun were rigged.A global study of the fate of the dictator, Basti came to the conclusion that from the besieged Berlin, Adolf Hitler with his wife and closest associates fled to South America.According to the scientist, there is the leader of the Third Reich and died aged 75 in 1964.

In this version there are several confirmations.Firstly, according to Hans Bauer, a German aeronautical engineer, on April 30 at 16:30 (an hour after the proclamation of suicide), he saw dressed in a light gray suit Hitler in the center of Berlin, close to the airplane "Junkers-52".Other documents indicate that on April 25, in the bunker there was a secret meeting on the evacuation of Hitler.The plan was named "Operation" Serail ", and it participated in the development of Hans Ulrich Rudel-(flying ace)," pilotessa "Hanna Reitsch and Hitler's personal pilot.For 5 days before the list was approved by departing from Berlin to Barcelona passengers, among whom was the wife of Adolf Hitler, he and the Führer's inner circle.Remarkably, the names of Goebbels and his family were removed from the list.

In this version, the end of summer the Führer and his entourage arrived at the Argentine coast in submarines, which were immediately flooded with the purpose of secrecy.This fact is confirmed by the fact that the coast (at a depth of about 30 m) were found buried at the bottom of large objects, also noticeable from space.The archives are still kept the testimony of witnesses, tells of his arrival in the bay of Caleta de los Loros summer '45 3 submarines with a swastika.

Further south?

Another alternative version of how Hitler died, says that the Fuehrer did not went to Argentina, and in a secret hideout in Antarctica.What speaks in favor of this opinion?

Already in 1948 on Stalin's desk proved intelligence intercepted States, stating that Hitler is alive and resides in New Shvabelende, erected by the Nazis in Antarctica at the beginning of the war.Why not discovered before?Against the backdrop of the Great Depression in America, and mass repressions in the USSR intelligence capabilities have deteriorated, and thus the global construction and regular supply of goods in the white continent could go undetected.

in the secret archives of the SS stores information about the current off the coast of the southern continent cave system with warm air.13 American ships under the command of Richard Byrd, known at the time of Rear Admiral, surveying the coast of Antarctica in January 1947, faced with unusual disk-shaped aircraft, highlighted by the symbols of the Nazis.

Proponents of this version are inclined to believe that the Fuhrer died in 1971 (according to some sources - in 1982) year.

died Hitler really?History holds many mysteries, but that's what makes it so interesting.And what do you think on this subject are you?