New Commercial charter Alexei Mikhailovich

New Commercial charter - it is the law on the rules of domestic and foreign trade.Considered the most important document adopted in the 17th century on the initiative of Alexei Mikhailovich.Denominators and the fact that this is the document laid the foundation for the development of the customs system in our country.

New Commercial Charter: making history

What were the reasons which pushed the king to tighten rules for trade, both domestically and abroad?Naturally, this growth of the trade.With the development of the industry, required specific legislation, which would establish requirements for merchants on the transport of goods, payment of state taxes and customs duties.The reason for the adoption of such an instrument was the petition filed by the king, the most important merchants.After we developed a special commission.

Shopping charter was adopted in 1653 in the middle of autumn.It was of great importance for both Russia and other countries with which we have had close trade ties.What was shown the effect of this statute?Firstly, it was canceled multiple small trading fees, which is a direct relic during the feudal period.Second, the statute established trade ruble fee - a fixed tax, whose size is determined by the views of the goods sold.Third, he assumed the elimination of duties carriageways - is a special kind of tax that merchants pay when importing goods into the inner city of the state.Fourth, the effect of leaving New Commercial charter fees in the arcade, as well as in the case of remelting by large rivers.Fifth, the document made it clear that the Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich operations are primarily intended to encourage domestic producers, as evidenced by the increase in duties for foreign merchants.

Thus, foreign merchants were paid to eight per cent of the trade tax as a domestic and import / export of goods.In addition to the rules of trade, also secured the charter of New Commercial and punish violations.Thus, in case of concealment of goods at the customs inspection, the merchants could be punished as a whip, and send out into the yard to work with the serfs.

It is worth noting that the text was supplemented several times.For example, in 1654, it was made in the form of supplements charters that prohibit taking duties in the possession of feudal lords both spiritual and secular.Soon adopted a new trade regulations, the reason for the publication of which again became Pleas higher retail merchants.

New Commercial charters have become an important part of the development of trade in Russia.It was in the seventeenth century, it begins the formation of a single nationwide market of the country, and an important step for this particular decision becomes law.It is worth noting that the day of the adoption of the first Trading Day of the charter has now become a customs officer in Russia.This suggests that the government remembers all the merits of his predecessors that their conversion become a significant event in the development and formation of our country.