How long does the Chechen conflict

Chechen conflict has been known since the XIX century.Fire uprising is lit, then fading, then flaring into flames.The reasons for the war in Chechnya is to start looking in the days of the conquest of the Caucasus by the Russian Empire.Imamate of Shamil, an association which included many North Caucasian peoples, was crushed by Russian troops in 1859.

Since that time, and lasts for a permanent confrontation between the Caucasus and Russia.The Chechen conflict has replaced three modes of power in the country, but did not become any less acute.In tsarist times for its decision sent to the mountains expeditionary corps.Stalin solved the problem dramatically - the whole nation was deported to the Kazakh and Kyrgyz steppe.It happened in 1944, in the wording of the order referred to the participation of Chechens and Ingush in helping the Germans during the struggle for the Caucasus 1942.In the modern history of the Chechen conflict resulted in two local but brutal war, one of which lasted for two years, 1

994-1996, while the other, which began in September 1999, still smoldering and shows another terrorist attack or violent onslaught militants.

first war ended in disgrace for Russia peace, then triumphed whole Chechnya.In 1996, at that time it appeared the first consequences of independence.The Republic had no livelihood, no longer pay pensions, a black market flourished weapons and drugs.A special place was taken by the slave trade.Most of the gang hunted kidnapping with the subsequent sale of the markets or the transfer of the ransom.There was a huge amount of training bases and camps for mercenaries-terrorists from around the world.

Chechen leaders sought to destabilize the entire region of the northern Caucasus.In the summer of 1999 launched a major provocation in Dagestan, several villages have announced the establishment of the zone, which is subject only to the laws of Sharia.But hopes that the whole of Dagestan militants and fully support the move to the opposition, did not materialize.Residents put up fierce resistance, self-defense units have been created, and the Russian Federation began to carry out pre-emptive strikes against bases and congregate gangs of insurgents.The Chechen conflict flared up, federal troops quickly occupied the entire plain areas of the country, and the winter was blocked Grozny.02/06/2000 capital CRI is completely controlled by the federal troops.29.02.2000 announced the completion of the active phase of hostilities.All the forces of the "federalist" were thrown in the block areas in which insurgents could leave.At this time heroically killed paratroopers of the 6th Airborne Regiment 104 companies, they stood firm at the height of 776, giving a major break out the gang warlord Khattab.

Despite the announcement of the end of the KTO in Chechnya, fighting continues.Reinforcement troops explosive action leads to new attacks.The Chechen conflict once again moved to the passive stage.Fire smolders war just a little, but always ready to flare up with renewed vigor.There are there ways of peaceful settlement of the problem is unknown.The existence of conflict is constantly supported by other countries.For example, the Arab sheiks extremely beneficial to delay the development of Caspian oil, as a result they are actively sponsoring the militants with money, weapons and mercenaries.Incitement to religious hostility and negative impact on the overall development of the country.At this time Russia sends huge amounts of money for the restoration of Chechnya in an attempt to gain support from the public.What will our government's actions, time will tell.