Who invented the bicycle - a German or Russian background Dreze Artamonov?

Often, Russian, beating residents of other countries, forget the sheer trifles - to fix the fact of such timing, to document it issued the necessary patents and copyright certificates.Worldwide, it is known that the first radio made Marconi.Who invented the wheel?How do you know?Well, of course, Baron von Dreze!These Germans are so smart, such resourceful ...

Here it is, the world's first documented specimen bicycle.The picture shows that the wooden frame of his, has the steering wheel and padded seat.In general, if you look from afar, some similarities with modern two-wheeled horses there, but the more he reminds sidewall carts, cut off from the rest of its parts.Nevertheless, it is in the museum, the fact remains.The inventor himself in 1817 called it the car for walking and following the latest technical concepts and analogues, such a mechanism could be called scooter.

information that can now be called a legend: a serf Artamonov from Nizhny Tagil in 1801 came up with a two-wheeled metal pedal mechanism with steering and tested it, traveling about two thousand miles from St. Petersburg to Verkhoturye.The average speed was ten kilometers per hour, it was achieved at the expense of the front wheel, which had a larger diameter than the rear.After this run and demonstrations at Khodynka motor vehicle was included in a collection of rare and strange objects, land was rewarded freedom and a bit of money, and this very funny story after a while you forget.Needless to remember now about who invented the bicycle?

But progress does not stand still, and we must pay tribute to European craftsmen - no technical ideas from Artamonov they are not borrowed.They are honestly trying to reinvent the wheel.Inventors simply can not be accused of plagiarism, because the vehicle traction on the muscle that was presented in Paris in seven years, the steering was not as pedals.Despite some shortcomings, such design, the invention created a furor.About the one who invented the bicycle in France, history, incidentally, is also silent.Those wishing to ride on two wheels, pushing himself down, was rife.It was then and there was a name, consisting of two Latin words meaning "speed" and "legs".

Now again about who invented the bicycle, about Baron Karl Drais.His brainchild favorably differed from primitive craft of French presence steering.This fundamental innovation allowed his brow crowned with a laurel wreath of priority.

In future years from thirty-five - forty Germans were confident in the lead in the bike industry in industrial production.Fisher guessed yet to put the pedal to the crank mechanism.The front wheel began to do more to make the rapidity.Such kinematics received the code name "spider", but in reality it was the same, Artamonovskaya layout.

Now it does not matter who invented the bicycle.Despite the simplicity of the design, he gave impetus to the development of the pneumatic tire, which soon began to be installed on vehicles.This time the British, Thomson and Dunlop, invented and used them to bicycle wheels.It is true that there has not been without our: Ivanov suggested inventor can build a separate chamber and tire.