When the First World War, and how it ended

Horror planetary carnage of 1939-1945 forced to think about the previous one, the First World War, as a relatively small conflict.Indeed, the losses among the armies of the belligerent countries and the civilian population were then in times less, although they numbered in multimillion figures.However, one should remember that the warring parties are actively used chemical warfare agents and participation in combat operations of underwater, surface and air forces, as well as tanks indicates that the nature of the First World War is as close to modern ideas about strategy and tactics.

28 June 1914 in the Bosnian city of Sarajevo bombing occurred as a result of which were killed by members of the royal family of the Austro-Hungarian Archduke Ferdinand and Sophie, his wife.Perpetrators were subjects of the empire, but their nationality has given rise to accuse the Serbian government of supporting terrorists and at the same time impose on the country responsible for fanning separatism.

When the First World War, even those who started it, did not anticipate that it will be delayed for four years, will cover a huge area from the Arctic to South America and will lead to such a large-scale loss.Serbia is going through an internal political crisis and weakened by two consecutive Balkan wars, was a virtually defenseless victim, and victory over it is not a problem.The question was, what countries and how to respond to this attack.

Despite the fact that the Serbian Government has adopted almost all the conditions of the ultimatum against him in keeping it is not taken.When the First World War, the government of Austria-Hungary announced mobilization, with support from Germany and the estimation of readiness of potential enemies, as well as their degree of interest in the territorial redistribution.As subsequent events showed, were not taken into account all the factors.

Exactly a month after the Sarajevo assassination fighting began.At the same time the German Empire has informed the France and Russia about their intentions to support Vienna.

In the days when the First World War, the population and Austria-Hungary and Germany were covered by a single patriotic impulse.Do not lag behind in the desire to "punish" enemy nationals countries opponents.Mobilized soldiers piled flowers and refreshments on both sides of the border, which soon became the front line.

When the First World War, the General Staff plans were made swift attacks, seizures and military environments enemy groups, but fighting soon gained a distinct position in nature.For all time happened only one break defense in depth, it was named in honor of General Brusilov, who commanded the operation.The winners in these circumstances is not so much determined by the quality of art or talent commanders as the economic potential of the belligerent countries.

Austro-Hungarian and German empires were weaker.Exhausted four-year confrontation, despite favorable for them Brest-Litovsk with Russia, they were defeated, the result of which was the Treaty of Versailles.The heroes of the First World War in Russia in flames of revolution, and in Germany and Austria appeared unnecessary human material, rejected by society.