Let's look at dream interpretation: Hell in a dream - what does it mean?

Psychologists say that we dreamed hell - is not nothing but a projection of our own thoughts, fears and feelings as well as memories and visual images.In other cases, seen to be interpreted by a special book called "downers."Hell, in the view of many commentators, it may be a reflection of our present life or the portrayal of our future.Very often, such a dream is a real world in which we are trying to survive.Thus, we consider the meaning of these dreams in the most popular interpretations.

Millerovskiy sonnik

Hell, seen in a dream - a bad sign.Be in hell among other sinners, to make flour for the sins that you have committed on earth - a painful remorse for his greed for arrogance, and so on.

Miller as a psychologist gives the following explanation of such dreams: from the dreamer at heart accumulated a large number of inner fears, he feels repressed guilt.The Academic Council to stop self-blame and begin to treat yourself better.If you can overcome the period of inner turmoil, the newly rebo

rn in a new and better quality.

Esoteric Dream Interpretation

Meaning of dreams - is not nothing but a projection of the internal state of the dreamer that surrounds it.Especially clearly expressed in the event that you suffer, you feel unhappy and think that the whole world is also suffering with you.In short, each of us, using simple enough imagination and the power of reason, could "draw" in their dreams hell or heaven!

Family sonnik

Hell in a dream - a symbol of life's challenges, experiences.Do not despair, because there is always a way out.Review your decisions and actions.Try to treat the problem in a new way.

If you dream you are experiencing the torments of hell, then know that you are in reality much tormented conscience.Soon your life is going to happen, why you will become stronger and stronger in spirit will.In addition, sleep is calling you to be more lenient with others.

Tsvetkovskaia sonnik

What is grave in the interpretation of Evgeny Tsvetkov?He argues that this dream has contextual meaning.The fact is that each of us can decide for themselves who to go to hell, and who in heaven.We reaffirm our decision actions on the ground.Therefore hell in a dream can mean a kind of "paradise" guarantee: if we endure all the tests prescribed in the land and we like hell, get into paradise.

Intimate sonnik

Hell - is the physical and moral suffering in reality.They accounted for the lion's share of the intimate sphere of man.In addition, you are surrounded by jealous, hurt.They prevent you from fully enjoying their lives (including intimate).

Dreams Juno

dreams in which you see yourself in hell, portend temptation.They will destroy your soul.They can not avoid.In reality it threatens you a measure of restraint for bribery, corruption, child abuse, rape, etc.

If you burn in hell do not you and your family and friends, then do not expect serious trouble you and them!They will go through a very difficult test.The result is unknown.This dream is considered to be negative.

Fear of dreams, where you scream in hell!In reality you encounter such difficulties, of which have never not choose ... And neither friends nor relatives can not help you!