Beauty Secrets: How quickly put himself in order?

There are situations in life when you really want - a must!- Look good, and time to spare.There are several ways to do it.Try it - the result will be noticeable!On the one responsible evening you can quickly get a good shape.

So, put to boil water for a compress in a large saucepan.And along with tea.In the meantime, take a shower, alternating hot and cold water.

Then cleanse the skin any liquid cream, you can use sour cream, yogurt or kefir.

After one - two minutes swab moistened face with hot water and wet skin densely cause fat nourishing cream.By this time the water boils.

Grasp the edge of the towel, the middle omit it in boiling water, gently squeeze and gently lifted it to his face.Initially, the chin, and then on the cheeks (the little throw back his head), and then on the forehead and, finally, to the eyes.The ends of the towel factory, so that it looked like a beak with a hole for breathing.

Keeping hot compress on your face as much time as experiencing a pleasant sensation.Repeat this procedure two or three times, each time adding a little cream on the face.Apply the cream on the eyelids gently, trying not to get in the eye.At the end of the procedure briefly put on the face of a cold (ice), compress, and then wipe the face lotion, a slice of lemon or rinse with acidified water.

wipe your face again a piece of ice.On a damp face and neck cream is applied, patting his hands under his chin and cheeks, do some deep crushing and whipping movements, then the excess moisture gets wet towel.Leather, saturated with moisture and cream turns pink and firm.

then brew fresh tea, add 1-2 tablespoons of honey, put a slice of lemon.Drink the tea slowly, slowly, feeling out fatigue.

Two tea bags immersed in boiling water, gently squeeze.Then puts a cushion under his feet, putting them higher up, and lie down in a cool dark room to relax in peace, putting cooked tea bags on your eyes.Half an hour later you can begin to assemble.

Choosing the right hairstyle, makeup, nice clothes and shoes, a drop of your favorite perfume complete your look.

good mood, joy shining eyes, smile ... Really, you are today the most beautiful!

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