Explanation FFOMS, the main functions and tasks of the fund, the organization's budget

Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund (the Fund or FFOMS) - a state fund set up to finance the health care of the population of the Russian Federation.The Fund is a non-budget, that is, the money is not allocated for financing from the state budget and from the funds received from policyholders (individuals and legal entities).FFOMS is a non-profit entity, the financial and credit institution, has its own balance, and own property.

Explanation FFOMS

consider each word of the title.What does it mean and why did you choose it?

  • Federal. Foundation is centralized at the federal level has its regional offices in each subject of the Russian Federation, and bases its activities are regulated by federal laws.
  • Fund. This is a non-profit organization with its own budget, intended for a particular public-social goal - providing quality free health services to the population.
  • compulsory. This term means that all citizens of the Russian Federation must be insured on a mandatory basis.According to the Constitution, every citizen has the right to receive from the state free medical care, and to organize it properly, one has to make insurance payments (on their own or through an employer) to the Fund from which then they will be spent.
  • Medical. main objective of the Foundation - health care, that is, the provision of assistance to persons who have problems with health.
  • insurance. This is a special kind of economic relations in the country in which citizens of certain insurance premiums are deducted, are accumulated in one place and, if necessary, shall be issued to citizens back in the form of the sum insured or insurance services.

Thus, decoding FFOMS not a difficulty - enough to have a common understanding of the terms that are used in the Russian Federation to designate important organizations.

State regulation

The Fund is governed by the laws of the Russian Federation at the federal and regional level.The main documents on which the actions of the main body and its territorial divisions are:

  1. Constitution.
  2. FZ dated 29.11.10 "On compulsory medical insurance in the Russian Federation."
  3. Charter Fund.
  4. Resolution Sun "on the financing of obligatory medical insurance" for each year.
  5. Budget Code.
  6. other legislative acts.

functions Fund

FFOMS main functions - these are the tasks that it performs to achieve the main purpose of his creation - to ensure financing of health services to citizens.They are enshrined in n. 8 Ch.6 of the Insurance Act and state that FFOMS:

  1. Participates in the development of a major program to provide free medical services.
  2. accumulates and manages the funds for the program.
  3. Aligns conditions to ensure funding for territorial bodies.
  4. controls the activity of territorial bodies and purposeful use of funds under the program.
  5. Monitors compliance with the conditions of the insurance entities use funds in the framework of their mandatory contributions.
  6. has the right to charge and collect from policyholders (individuals and entities) arrears, penalties and interest, which are directed to the provision of medical care of unemployed persons.
  7. conducts its own statements, set its shape determines the accounting treatment, issues regulations, forms, documents and issue the necessary instructions within its powers.
  8. maintain the uniform register of organizations engaged in health care and health insurance, rosters of experts and quality of insured citizens.
  9. exercise such other functions within its competence.

MHI policy

main document issued Mandatory Health Insurance Fund and for which a citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to free quality medical care is a policy.

Polis is available from the regional bodies FFOMS or in commercial organizations, which the Fund has delegated its authority to issue insurance policies (health insurance companies).

To contact the territorial body of HIF (or the organizations that have been passed the necessary authority for insurance) needed only a passport, when applying for a policy on the child, and should provide a certificate of his birth.After receiving the application the staff issue a temporary certificate (valid for 1 month), which allows you to use all the services under the policy until its actual receipt.

What is included in the budget of the Fund

In order to understand what constitutes the Fund's budget, we must remember what a transcript of abbreviations.FFOMS receives funds from the so-called social contributions, which are paid to the pension fund and up to 22% in 2014 (with an annual amount of wages within the 624 thousand rubles).Tax FFOMS of this amount is 5.1%.If the annual income exceeds the sum of 624,000 rubles, with subsequent payment of amounts to the pension fund is 10%, and only 3.7% are deducted in FFOMS.

In addition, there are certain categories of organizations, which established lower rates of insurance premiums.

tax paid to the Pension Fund quarterly, or monthly, depending on the shape and organization of the tax system (UTII or Simplified taxation).


Thus, decoding FFOMS sufficiently accessible and understandable to all citizens of Russia, as we all seek health services under the policy of compulsory medical insurance and pay taxes to replenish the budget of the Fund.