How in the home display of binge?

One of the most serious problems in our country to this day is considered to alcoholism.Government authorities are trying as much as possible to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed.However, diligent housewives and other family members, in which there is a mountain, and only interested in one question - how in the home display of the binge.In essence, the booze is worsening alcoholism, when the patient just can not stop and drink, otherwise it becomes very bad.This state is like breaking the drug when it is necessary to take a dose, to improve their health.

reasons alcoholism

Statistics show regularly drowned in the virtues of intoxication mostly men.Why is this happening?The fact that the strong half of humanity entrusted with a serious responsibility: they are required to succeed in life, a wife and children in abundance, that is, to be breadwinners, family pride.However, the realities of life is not always possible to move up the career ladder.When a man does not realize his potential, he is disappointed in the society, and if there is support at home, enlists the aid of alcohol.At first, he just wants to forget, to escape for a while, then it becomes a habit.Then the husband tormented only one thought - how in the home display of binge quickly and efficiently.First of all do not need to turn away from the favorite in every way to show their hatred of everything going on.It should show him that he is still loved and still there are people who believe in him, no matter what.

As a man out of hard drinking at home?

So, just want to note that without the help of a qualified professional to handle almost impossible.Of course, ideally, better to put the wife to the hospital for treatment, then you are guaranteed a perfect result.Unfortunately, not always the family budget allows for such costs, so you can get a consultation with a doctor.He tells in detail, both in the home display of the binge, and give useful advice.Note that a few days you'll have to close the house and be in every moment with your loved and, therefore, need to prepare in advance.

How in the home display of binge?We prepare everything you need and store patient

The nearest pharmacy is necessary to get activated carbon valokordin and tablets "Essentiale Forte".Do not forget to go to the store and stock up on apples, kvass, yogurt, mineral water without gas, and even brine.Houses should be prepared rich broth and pour the entire arsenal of alcoholic beverages, stockpiled just in case.So, the first day of trial began: in the morning you need to take a contrast shower and eat only liquid.For example, you can drink 700 ml of buttermilk or mineral water, depending on your preference.Then take medication: 4 tablets of coal, one - the drug "Essentiale forte" and five drops valokordin.Try to feed the patient a light broth or soup, as well as provide it to bed.Medication repeated every five hours, and after a couple of days you will understand that to withdraw from hard drinking at home is possible.It is enough to make a little effort and add a strong moral support.