The monarchy - a form of government in 42 countries

surface of the earth is composed of 2/3 of water and the rest is six continents.For all "dry" area of ​​the Earth is a huge number of countries, differing from each other in many ways: the number of the resident population and his nationality, religion, traditions and more.The very first sign by which one country is different from the other, is a form of government.With certainty it can be argued that the very first of them is a monarchy.This is not the only form of government is a sovereign state.

Whole Earth has 193 countries.Here are 145 countries - Republic divisible by subtypes such as federal, unitary and Islamic.42 countries have a form of government is a monarchy.This is not just a certain kind of leadership of the country - it also has a different subspecies.The absolute theocratic, constitutional, absolute monarchy and parliamentary - it all depends on the availability of additional leverage to the control mechanism.There are also federal, multiethnic, unitary Islamic state - only 5 countries.And it stands out a parliamentary principality of Andorra.

monarchy - it is one of the many forms of government in which the country is governed by one man, handing power by succession.The earliest example of this control is the ancient tribes, where the head was the leader, is replaced in this position his father or brother.And so from generation to generation.As a general rule, a person endowed with the power of life.This principle applies in our time.

should be noted that the monarchy is the only correct one in which the king, Shah Sultan, emperor or king elected by tradition or custom.Virtually all of the known world of the monarchy subject to the law of inheritance.This is most often the question was legitimate, rather than fitness to rule.

monarchy - a form of government with different subspecies.So, if the power of the ruler is not limited by anything, and he is the sole and undisputed arbiter of the fate of the country - the government refers to the absolute monarchy.These countries currently include Brunei and Qatar.The absolute theocratic monarchy - a separate kind of a form of government.At the head of a country is a religion.Of course, everyone in the world knows the monarchy with a view of government - is the Vatican City.The second is similar to the country of Saudi Arabia.

If the power of the ruler of the country is limited by the Constitution, the constitutional monarchy called.The British monarchy is the most famous example of this type of board.In addition to her in the list of countries with the form guide includes Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Monaco, Thailand and other 29 countries.

Spain - one of the most world famous tourist barn, home of stunning football.It is a country where the king's power is limited by Parliament.IeSpain - a parliamentary kingdom.Many sources say that the monarchy in England - it is also a parliamentary government under the leadership of Queen Elizabeth II.In the process of its formation, England was a constitutional monarchy, but at this stage of the country's leadership is exercised by Parliament, and the family is the only monarch of the powerful symbol of the greatness of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.