Goddess Athena, daughter of Zeus and Metis

Zeus's first wife, Metis, pregnant and preparing to give birth to a son and a daughter.Zeus learned that the son born Metis, rise up and threw him from Olympus.Without thinking, Zeus swallowed his wife.And then there was a misfortune - his unbearable headache.Unable to bear the excruciating pain, he ordered to split his head.Blacksmith Hephaestus one stroke cut the skull of Zeus, and the broken head of the goddess Athena appeared.A son and disappeared, not born.

daughter of Zeus, Athena, had the courage of a lion and cat care, she was always armed with a spear and a shield on his head wearing a helmet.On the edge of her dress slid snake personified inevitability.However, for all weapons, warrior maidens have been quite peaceful.She never let go the spear, but never raises it to someone.Only once the goddess lightly scratched his Hephaestus, resisting his advances.

stately and proud, Athena was the only goddess in Olympus, dressed in battle armor.Took her hat was always raised, the divine face was all over the world.When the goddess Athena made a vow of celibacy and chastity, her name came to be called the chief Greek city.From now on it was the city of Athens.

patron goddess of the art of war and combat skills.Under her care were also many peaceful crafts, weaving, pottery, blacksmithing and furrier.Athena gave people the ability to make such necessary things as harnesses for horses, wagons, plows, rakes, straps, she trained viticulturists, leather craftsmen and coopers.Under her patronage appeared skilful mariners, able to build strong ships for long distance journeys.

Often the goddess Pallas Athena was depicted in military armor, holding a spear in one hand and the other with the spindle yarn wound around it.At the same time on the shoulder of her she sat the owl, symbol of wisdom.Athena strove for supremacy of the mind over the instincts favored a low-key strategy in dealing with all of life's questions.Taught people practicality, ambition and persistence in achieving goals.

Home position, which strictly followed the goddess Pallas Athena, is the consistent development of wildlife, its subordination to human needs.For this approach the goddess Artemis condemned, who believed that all living things in nature should be outside the influence of man.But the desire to Athens to comply with the law, any and all laws, respect for statehood on Olympus welcomed many gods supported the warrior goddess Athena.

Once Pallas Athena quarreled with the sea god Poseidon.In the fight with him, she has won.After that, the goddess Athena was the unchallenged dominion over Attica.Then she helped Perseus kill Medusa terrible.Then with the help of Athena Jason builds a ship and sails for the Golden Fleece.Pallas Athena protects Odysseus, and he safely returns home after a victory in the Trojan War.No event on the Olympus is complete without the participation of Athena, the goddess of knowledge and crafts, arts and inventions, patroness of military battles and the everyday life of ordinary people.Some critics argue people that Athena - goddess of something indefinite, takes under his wing all indiscriminately.With this we can not agree.Pallas Athena - the goddess of versatile and multi-faceted.