Contradictory and mysterious meaning of the name Nina

origin of the name Nina mysterious and enigmatic.They say it has come to us from the Greek language: Ninos - the name of the founder of the Assyrian empire and the city of Nineveh.The root of "Nin" the Greeks meant divinity and was kept in the nicknames of many gods of ancient Greece.There is another opinion - the name comes from Hebrew and means "great-granddaughter".The value of the name Nina surprisingly contradictory: it is translated from Georgian "affectionate", with the Assyrian - "the queen."

in early childhood girl seeks an adult around to help, and emulate them.Nina will always help the younger or weaker classmates.It can easily get into a fight, if need be, so the school bully is often called Nina.Very agile and active child has unique qualities - perseverance and diligence in studies.All the powers invested in it to become better, to take a leading position in the classroom."Tender" to the name of Nina completely smooths out the exuberant nature of the girls.

Nina is always trying to be a leader in a narrow range.For her, it is important to view from the outside, and all told in his address said Nina often listens.It has a realistic turn of mind, prudence and a high capacity for work.Moreover, Nina does not build castles in the air, and always knows exactly what he wants to achieve.

Do owners of this name has some negative qualities.The main mystery named Nina, this gentle and soft - self-esteem, pride and jealous attitude to other people's successes.In society, its owner is trying to show its significance, so it is surrounded by a little of this and sincere friends who are willing to accept her nature.Nina could easily amass competitors or rivals among females, but treachery and betrayal is experiencing hard.

In adulthood meaning of the name Nina - "queen" - have a strong influence on the destiny.With regard to the male sex, Nina does not tolerate weakness.In the family, she realizes the desire for looseness and freedom: does not allow her husband to subordinate herself, but she aims to be the undisputed leader in the family.If Nina can not achieve supremacy, it is experiencing a mental trauma.The value of the name Nina is confirmed - female head of the complex nature of risks to remain without male attention with children in their arms, so she should choose men with agreeable and submissive character.Compatibility names her the most suitable Vladimir, Roman, Sergei, Philip and Athanasius.

Wealth often overshadow the spiritual needs of Nina - it manages to support himself and his family, successfully combining homework and career.Often it overloads the care necessary for a sense of self-sufficiency and relevance.The owner surprising name chooses a profession that will help her provide for their family, and firmly stand up.The bulk of the women named Nina addicted to the sciences, technology, sports, production.

value named Nina is extremely contradictory.If you are resolutely to win friendship or love a woman with a gentle name, but prickly character - be patient.