Thinking outside the box as the key to success

Very often it happens that a disciplined Excellent in adult life does not achieve much success in business and personal relationships, while hopeless troechnik and storm the whole school becomes famous, seeking social recognition, often through gaining notoriety, it rises to a certain height- in general, does not go unnoticed.

course, sometimes vice versa, that is, in accordance with the expectations of others, everything goes on the thumb.But the phenomenon described above, it is necessary to think about it.There is no doubt that the reason for the success is often thinking outside the individual, allowing to find the original decision, even banal problems.In all situations, people who have such a quality, not only to avoid the loss, but also can benefit.They are not afraid of the new, they do not give up the experiments, do not avoid the risk, however, are not on luck, but according to a well thought-out plan.Their strategic thinking combined with naturally imaginative thinking, attention will cover the whole situation, evaluate it and draw some conclusions.

What is the difference of this thinking from the standard?The standard requires thought and action on the long-established rules, walking on long-trodden path, the pursuit of common goals.The trouble is that these goals are not all necessary, but if you really need the standard methods are difficult to achieve because of the great competition.Therefore, it is easier to be content with little.

Thinking outside the box helps to break out of the usual frameworks imposed by society and debt.Of course, there is no question of violation of moral norms (although anyone, even the most harmless way of derogation from the rules is often perceived hostility environment), but sometimes you have to step over their own principles.In search of unusual solutions, it is important not to cross the line between moral and immoral, which, however, is quite illusory.People with innovative thinking are constantly looking for additional opportunities even if there is a good option, as may well be better!

However, it is in the pursuit of the ideal solution may be lost touch with reality, it seems that all means are good.As a result, they violated not only moral norms but also legal.However, it's thinking outside the box allows such people often go out, as they say, unscathed, causing millions of conviction that they absolutely do not care.

However, most of the talk-box thinking in relation to creative people.Now these are very much appreciated.Advertising, business development, sales promotion - here constantly need new ideas, or failure can not be avoided.It is obvious that the creators of large corporations - people who think outside the box.And they close themselves gaining the same.Red diploma is not valued, the interview did not ask about assessment in schools and universities, are important qualities of the person of the applicant.A recent student with a diploma bought a couple of years becomes commercial director, while PhD with three higher education to pensions barely making ends meet.Cramming - albeit not the main success is rather random way.

Many wonder about thinking outside the box can be developed or it is given from birth?In some extent, the second option is more plausible.It is difficult to imagine that the great inventors, copywriters, writers, politicians attended courses or open books with puzzles, offering the development of unconventional thinking.With many of them enough of hardship parents and teachers, because such children are well, I did not want to behave properly and do not understand why this is necessary.They act on their own, and what is called deviant behavior, is just another way to achieve a goal.

So, it turns out that people who think the standard are doomed to a dull gray existence?Not necessary.The exercises really help.In the end, the ability to think can help the unusual, if not to improve the financial situation in other areas of life.Even the most ordinary mind is capable of more than that from him come to expect.There's always work to do, so why not take advantage?