Perun - the god of thunder and lightning

Thunder, rain, lightning in the sky ... Even modern man, these natural phenomena instill some fear.Imagine also what was the people who lived at ten to fifteen centuries earlier!

Then the person has just started to master the mysteries of nature, much was not clear to him.And that could not be explained in terms of logic or science, he explains the existence of supernatural forces and gods.God of thunder and lightning was at that time the most important among other deities.That he was worshiped above all, feared and revered.

Perun - the god of thunder, lightning and war among the Slavic peoples.It was believed that it affects those who are guilty or somehow angered him.In order to appease the Perun, they brought him to sacrifice animals, and cut at every house symbol in the form of lightning.His name appears in many historical sources.For example, in "The Tale of Bygone Years", written by Nestor, Neptune is mentioned more than ten times.God of thunder and lightning Slavs causes trembling and fear;even said: "Seize Perun you!", which meant a wish troubles and misfortunes.

People believed that Perun punishes failure to comply with the special laws (which is something of a Bible for Christians).It was believed that those who do not hit him, Perun be upon stones, axes, arrows, and, of course, thunder and lightning.If some kind of family or even an entire village overcame poor harvests and, as a consequence, hunger and disease, this meant intervention Perun and served as "a reminder" that people are loose way of life and not enough work.

God of thunder and lightning was one of the first explanations of unknown natural phenomena.The cult of Perun was born more than three millennia ago.However, it is not only fear, but also asked for well-being.People believed that in the case of regular sacrifices and unconditional worship of Perun bestow them prosperity, eliminate the disease, will do so to the harvests were abundant.

Perun was considered the ancestor of all the Slavs.In addition to the carved wooden idols, the people present and the image of God: it was a mighty warrior with a blue-black hair with gray hair and a long beard of fire.

In Kievan Rus god of thunder and lightning has been the subject of worship even in the VI century.Later, the development of this cult, as it turned out on the results of numerous studies of paganism, he contributed to Prince Vladimir.Even after by his order in Russia was adopted Christianity wooden idol symbolizing Perun, do not burn as many other figures of gods, and let the Dnieper.Vladimir and could not do it, as the remnants of the old belief in the pagan gods still sitting firmly in the minds of people.He was afraid to completely destroy the symbol of a happy life and a successful conduct of military affairs.

God of thunder and lightning was not only the Slavic peoples.The ancient Greeks considered the chief god Zeus.In Norse mythology the deity, able to send down a punishment in the form of destructive lightning is Thor, and in India - Indra.

time when people believed in the mass of pagan gods were held.However, even now there are those that are called the Old Believers: they are continuing the tradition of their ancestors, worship the ancient gods, among which, of course, there is a Perun.