Duchess Kate - an ordinary girl, who became a princess

What girl does not dream of a prince?Although in reality, not many princes, somebody goes out for them in marriage ?!The history of women not belonging to the aristocratic family, Kate Middleton, a vivid example.

girl since childhood has been set for a successful marriage, but if she could count on the palace and the award-winning husband ?!What attracted Prince William to Kate?Maybe beauty, modesty, education, ability to steer, tenderness or fidelity.Whatever it was, today it is a strong family, loving and happy parents, giving a piece of fairy tales all over the world.

Rustic childhood princess

January 9, 1982 in the English county of Berkshire was born the future wife of Prince William, Kate Duchess.The girl's mother, Carol Goldsmith, from a working class family, her marriage to a flight attendant.Father Michael Francis Middleton, initially worked as an air traffic controller, then the pilot.Work and love to the sky to meet and brought together young people.They married two years before the birth of first child.

future Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton - the eldest of three children.Ancestors Catherine never belonged to the British nobility.As maternal and paternal relatives of the girls from the middle and working class.When she was five years old, Middleton greatly enriched and able to buy a house in Berkshire.Such profits they brought their own company (gifts and various things for the holidays).

Little Kate went to a regular English kindergarten, and after - school in the village Panborn and where to find them a new home.School girl has been in 13 years and immediately enrolled in a private college in Marlborough.There, she was fond of tennis, hockey, athletics.Her favorite subjects were chemistry, biology and art.

A few years before the palace

successfully graduating from college, Catherine decides to take time out to go to university next year.Free time she devotes to travel, she traveled to Italy and Chile.Duchess Kate's future from a young age participated in various charity programs.

parents never spared money for children's education, they were trained in the best schools.Children brought up in austerity and little Catherine always kept as a real duchess.Kate lot of time devoted to their education, because I thought that the girl should be well-mannered, educated and to be an interesting conversationalist.Kate - the first of the Middletown received by the institution of higher education - University of St Andrews in Scotland.

Within the walls of this university and met Kate and hives.But, according to media reports, love at first sight was not, at least mutual.

In addition, students in the life of a pretty Middleton was a young man - Rupert Finch.Man his last year, so he graduated before.Relationship Kate and Rupert could not stand the test of time and distance, the pair finally broke up soon.

A dress, somewhere, or how to choose an outfit for the conquest Prince

future Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, a student simply Kate Middleton, attended with her friends in a charity show.Photo of girl in a transparent dress began to appear in the media in connection with the increased interest in her person.And though images show that Kate herself delighted with the shows and their own attire, she did not even know what role it will play in her life.

On the one hand, on this day the modest nature of the student noticed Prince William.Which, as befits a royal personage and active, handsome college student sitting in the front row.On the other hand, with the acquisition of the official status of "Duchess of Cambridge" Kate blushed again for its output and as "an elegant and modest" outfit.

By the way, the dress, which was that night at Middleton, recently went under the hammer for 104,000 dollars.

Running a little ahead, we note that today the Duchess Kate Middleton is considered a modern style icon in the UK.

love or friendship

lot of the time it took the young Prince William and Kate Middleton, to admit to yourself, each other and the world in their feelings.

At first they were just friends, students attending some lectures and living in the same dormitory.Fortunately the mother of Prince (Princess Diana) at the time insisted that her son was getting used to the company of people from different backgrounds.Therefore, he was not ashamed to live in a student hostel generally (though the window in his room were booking), attend various non-secular activities or to serve with just the guys.

The fact that he had any relationship with the girls during their studies, is not known, he was busy with his studies, journalists, and plans for the future (he had thought to leave school).But Kate met with undergrad.

But soon the young people began to spend more time together, to go on vacation together, to appear in public, and gradually developed into a friendship romantic feeling now.Kate and a few friends were invited to the palace for the celebration of the birth of William.

And although the press was waiting for news about the engagement and claimed that determined the future Duchess, Kate has not thought about marriage, as heir to the throne proposal do not hurry.Soon they began to live together first in a rented house in the Five, along with other children, and later in a country cottage.

But an affair with a prince is not so dreamlike as it may seem ...

Trying to leave the wedding is over

attitude of young people to develop, they lived together and Kate became known to all as the girl of Prince William.Girls envied around the sweet Kate, and what has changed in her life?

Behind her constantly "hunted" photographers, hoping to lay exclusive and revealing photos.She had to constantly monitor their appearance, speech, gestures, everything.The girls were over bodyguards followed her everywhere.At the same time, William is not only made an offer, but even to his bachelor habits in no hurry to leave.The girl had to wait for him at home until he spent time with friends at a party or a holiday.After graduation boyfriend decided to go to a military camp.New Life, distance and intrusive photographers harassed lovers, and they decided to leave.

Family Prince was very fond of the modest Kate and believed that it has a positive effect on William.Their gap was short-lived, in the same 2007, the year they resumed their relationship.

Three years later, the world learned about the engagement of one of the most beautiful couples and wedding date heir to the British crown and Kate Middleton.

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and her husband received a high title thanks to the British Queen.The title was granted to them on their wedding day.

Wedding Catherine and William was one of the most anticipated events of 2011.For any bride's almost the most important celebration in a dress.Two compelling dresses from famous designers chose Duchess Kate.Photos of the bride in a dress for the official part spread all over the world and was struck by its beauty designers and fashionistas.

April 29 event, which was eagerly waiting for the inhabitants of Albion.The ceremony was held at Westminster Abbey.At the wedding we were invited to the most famous and influential guests.Honor were awarded to attend in person a few, but TV channels broadcast the ceremony was performed all over the world.

Female happiness simple, even a princess

In 2012, the Duchess Kate Middleton Prince William has given birth to an heir - George Alexander Louis.In May of 2015 was born the little princess - daughter of the Duke and Duchess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

Nationals love Kate for her kindness, sincerity and modesty.Katherine involved in charity work, family and accompanying her husband at social events, business meetings.Style young duchess considered perfect: elegant, modest and modern.Very often, the media emphasized how much the Duchess Kate looks like Princess Diana.