Nara River.

Moscow region abounds in place with beautiful landscapes.There are numerous hidden corners with virgin nature.One of these amazingly beautiful places - the river Nara with its stunning waterfalls, vast valleys, tributaries and ponds.River was chosen by fishermen, extreme athletes and those who enjoy walking and picnics in the bosom of the wild nature.

Geographical location

rivers, rivulets and streams cut up by Russia.Nara River - the left bank of the Oka sleeve, which flows uniformly through the lands of the Moscow and Kaluga regions.In Nara Oka flows into the southern part of the Moscow region, near Serpukhov.It begins in the lake Poletskikh sprawled Cuban women in the district in the west suburbs.Its water flows through Nara ponds and winds through forests and meadows.

rise above the banks of the two cities - Serpukhov and Naro-Fominsk.In the north-eastern part of the Kaluga region settled the legendary village of Tarutino.The Patriotic War of 1812 in the territory of the village of Field Marshal MIKutuzov organized headquarters and around the village camped Russian army.


length of 158 kilometers of Nara.The basin covers an area of ​​2030 km2.The width varies between 2-30 meters.The depth does not exceed 1.5 meters.On the river and destroy the tape located existing dams.In December, the river water hold down the ice, which opened in April.In the upper stretch of the river famous Nara ponds.They have a pond that connects them with the Oka.

picturesque river Nara shallow.However, it has navigable section length of two kilometers.Court ply in the place where Nara is connected to the Oka.There is also a port "Serpukhov".Hence, tourists go on day cruises in two directions.Court go to the Tula region to Polenovo.In addition, they ply along the coasts of the Kaluga region to Tarusa.

In spring is not too wide and shallow turns in Nara restive river.Its capacious water bubbling and rushing at great speed.During this period, visitors raft on her kayak.In the lower and middle reaches of the coast high and hilly.Most of them are covered with forests.In some places, the river flowing through the shady alleys formed crowns of mighty trees.In the area of ​​the village Chichkova among the water surface, reaching a width of 30 meters, surging small islands.


tributary of the Nara divided into two categories: major and minor.It runs 10 large and 7 small arms.On the right bank it merges with Suhmenkoy, Gvozdney, Plesenkoy, Tarusa and Chavro.On the left bank replenish its pool of water Chernichko, Kamenka Berezovka Inevki, Trasny, Serpeyki and Temenki.


forests along the banks interspersed with floodplains.Water plant in the summer like the flowering meadows.The village Gorchuhino spread over the floodplain farmland.The upper is covered in separate groups of trees and shrubs.These include holly willow, alder, gray, birch and aspen.Before

mouth Isti on the right bank grow pine and spruce and deciduous forests, and spruce.On the left bank moraine plains covered with mixed broad-leaved forests and.

shallow river Nara tightened water plants.In coastal areas, it is overgrown with algae, flowering plants, hydrophytes.Along the banks there are thickets of cattails, reeds, duckweed, sedges.Sludge shallows veiled ivolistym loosestrife, yellow egg capsules.


river fauna formed fish, birds and amphibians.In Nara usual carp ponds - cultivated species of carp.In the upper reaches of the river Nara inhabited pike, roach, rudd, perch, gudgeon, crucian and ruff.

Amphibians are represented population marsh frogs that live in dense thickets of reeds and high grasses of water.They feed on snails, spiders and other insects.It founded the colony of gray herons, dabbling ducks, teals, woodcock and lake gulls.

waterfall "Rainbow»

On Nara loud roars waterfall with romantic name "Rainbow".It is located 45 kilometers from Moscow, near the village of Papineau.In clear weather, the sun's rays, refracted in drops, creating a stunning sight: a bright rainbow of cascading water jets.Earth between Podolski and Zhukovsky regions abound keys and springs, merging into a mighty stream, flowing from the highest peak.

On bending Nara that near Oka, breathtaking views of the cascading fountains and a waterfall.With the beginning of spring, when streams and rivers filled with melt water, waterfall on the river Nara is transformed into a fabulous natural site.To get at this time to the "Rainbow" is extremely difficult.

to him not laid the beaten track.The web winding dirt road much limp from the vernal waters, becoming a mess, insurmountable for vehicles.Summer and autumn rains erode the dirt road to the extent that it becomes a real challenge for the car.

best time to visit the falls - the dry summer days.Although the waterfall shallower during this period and lose some strength, leaves a lasting impression.Jets, tearing off a five-meter high, ringing and flashing rokochut multicolored rainbow, enchanting the eye and soul.At the waterfall is impossible to make great photos.