What is hybridization: a natural or artificial process?

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Unfortunately, our school education system emphasizes the sciences, often completely oblivious to the natural sciences.As a result, the vast majority of high school graduates did not know the basic fundamentals of biology.It would seem, do not worry: in fact it we so often encounter in their daily life ... However, it is not.For example, did you know that this hybridization?This is a natural or man-made process?For what it is and whether it is dangerous for us?

But as a result of ignorance of these truisms are common and flourishing different desk that produce "wonder drug", "natural foods" and other nonsense, emphasizing (inter alia) on its products to hybrid organisms.Let's try to sort out the details of these burning questions.

Start with the fact that hybridization - is perfectly natural biological process.Hybridization is the process of producing a hybrid: the body, the resulting mating or cross-pollination of two different species.It is natural and artificial.Of course, that as a result of the natural process is much more likely to receive viable organisms that can give fertile offspring.

several reasons.Typically, natural (natural) Hybridization - the process of crossing two related species or subspecies.Occurs is quite common, often leading to the disappearance and assimilation of one of the parental species.A perfect example of this process can be called the absorption of island animals closely related species from the mainland when they intentionally (with the help of a man) or to a random hit.Endemics are quickly "swallowed" more aggressive and strong families.

However, in some cases, the same process can lead to the formation of an entirely new species.This is possible again if it hits certain populations on the island or in other tight spaces.For a long time in this population occasionally fall representatives of the same species from the mainland, there is the appearance of a new subspecies or species of animals or plants.It takes a lot of time, but it appeared so endemic.In this case, hybridization - is inching mechanism of speciation.

But more often this process is artificial.The reason for this is that people are extremely interested in creating a species having certain characteristics.This type of hybridization is known since antiquity.That's were removed many varieties of cereals, breeds of cattle and horses.We can say that much of humanity is obliged to hybrids, since they have a greater yield and better economic character, which ultimately determined the development of agriculture and science.

Currently, all more prevalent somatic cell hybridization: the process of crossing two nonsexual cell completely different species.For example, so you can get a hybrid mouse with a frog.This method is applied not only to study the prospects of cell engineering but also for developing new drugs.