How to build a tooth: methodology and technology

Today, one of the most popular treatments for the restoration of teeth is considered dental bone augmentation technology.Such aesthetic restoration, not only eliminates the defects, but also restores the teeth after their damage or destruction of not more than 30%.

Basic concepts and technique capacity

Artificial teeth - a set of methods to restore dentition.The basis of this is a manipulation of the dental restoration of the damaged bone composite preparations.Thanks to their great diversity, aesthetic design of the damaged tooth after the procedure will not differ from the natural and healthy tooth.

Many patients are interested in how to build a tooth, and under what testimony should be addressed to the dentist for their restoration.

to conduct a dental procedure, there are several techniques.How to build up your teeth, what methods are used for this purpose?It is important not only to restore the original state of the tooth aesthetic, but also restore its functionality.


  • Direct.It is used for small bone destruction of the tooth is overlaying sealing products in one go to the dentist.
  • Indirect.Restoring teeth with the use of pre-prepared inlays, onlays, veneers and crowns.

Indications and contraindications

main reason for such a dental procedure is to create aesthetic beauty of your smile.In addition, the reasons for the increase are:

  • correction of tooth shape and color to create a harmonious dentition;
  • oral treatment for damage in the cervical region;
  • freelance conversion and breach of dentition in the mouth;
  • true diastema between the front of the upper incisors;
  • defeat dentition caries by more than 50%;
  • mechanical injury;
  • decrease enamel layer.

Any medical procedures has a number of contraindications, and capacity - is no exception.In particular cases, the doctor may refuse to perform the procedure of restoration.


  • if necessary dental treatment;
  • periodontal inflammation cystic type;
  • extensive destruction of tooth structure;
  • presence of malocclusion;
  • bruxism;
  • age limits for certain building technologies;
  • presence of allergic reaction to the filling materials.

it possible to build a tooth, should solve graduate - prosthodontist.

Varieties methods

Classification of teeth depends on the capacity of different composites and materials used during the procedure.How to build a tooth, what method to use for this purpose, decides prosthodontist after examining the patient's mouth and assessment of the problem.Given the overall evidence gums and whole bone of the tooth, the degree of damage to the tooth root and the crown value of the surviving part of the building is determined by machinery.

Sealing provide up front tooth in the presence of his minor damage.It recommended for excessive subtlety enamel cracks and chips of small size and wide incisor diastema true.A wide palette of composite materials allows to restore the tooth, making it thus imperceptible in the dentition.

tabs (microprosthetics) used in the indirect method of restoration.We solve the problem of the lack of half a tooth or crown.The advantage of building ceramic tab is the maximum preservation of healthy tissue damaged tooth and prevent re depulpation and caries.

pins are used in significant bone loss of the tooth.This method allows you to build up to the root of the tooth.Using the pin is only possible if a healthy tooth root, since the building is fixed pin in root canals and then it is applied in layers filling material.Such capacity can eliminate the defect lack teeth without damaging adjacent and to make a full set of teeth.

Veneers - thin porcelain plate, superimposed on the upper surface of the tooth.How to build a tooth with them?A doctor with a special adhesive fixes the veneer on the tooth surface.Long-lasting result and the presence of a perfect smile to many patients decline this method of building.

Before you build a tooth, it is recommended first of all to visit the dentist-orthopedist.From the well-drawn plan of treatment is dependent on the correct stage of orthopedic dental cavity preparation to build.

technology capacity teeth

Many potential customers are interested in how to build up the teeth.The choice of technologies and materials for such dental procedures depends on the degree of damage.The main stages in the restoration of the dentition:

  • examination, dental treatment, the therapist on the basis of the plan of therapy prosthodontist.
  • Prepare tooth cavities or root canals, depending on the area of ​​damage to the bone tissue of the tooth.
  • Shade material as similar as possible to the natural color of teeth.
  • When using the direct method of composite layers applied to the damaged area of ​​the tooth.This embodiment is considered fast and leaves a tooth alive, because there is no removal of the nerve.
  • In the indirect method of preparing the region to secure the pin or tab, followed by stratified imposed on them filling material.This method is used in considerable damage to the tooth surface.
  • gemokompozita After applying the final stage in the building of a tooth is its modeling with polishing and grinding.The main objective at the end of the procedure is not only increasing the establishment beautiful tooth, but also giving it a natural shape for the operation in the oral cavity.Because of the oral health depends on many factors, the overall health of a person.


care Care of mouth and teeth after the building is not a big deal.On the first day after a dental procedure is not recommended to use coloring foods and carbonated beverages.This is followed closely observe basic rules of oral hygiene and regular visits to the doctor for consultation.

Benefits restoration

Advantages over other dental build dental procedures:

  • Excellent aesthetic solution.
  • Application technology, sparing healthy bone tissue of the tooth.
  • painless the procedure.
  • Prolonged use of the materials used in tooth restoration.
  • Implementation procedures for a short time.

assess the merits of the procedure and technology capacity of the teeth, you can easily go to the dental clinic for solving aesthetic problems of the dentition.