Beauty Tips by Lena Lenina: the most burning manicure for the hottest summer month

in the hottest summer month would like to make a reality of the boldest branding imagination and taste the most extravagant kinds of manicure, which you would not have dared to working season.We have asked the advice of the Queen manicure, owner of hundreds of salons Manicure Network Studios Lena Lenina.

Lena, what a manicure is most suitable for August until the calendar is still the best time for experiments?

Ā«August, indeed, the last chance before the fall restraint and decency in order to shock the enchanting your pens!

Option One

Floral motifs for instance summer flowers, branches, leaves or animals and abstract paintings will be reflected in the matrix manicure, which is based on the use of special stencils.Thanks to them the design on nails can be created quickly, and the result will hold long enough.

figures used to perform regular nail, so the number of shades of pattern can be unlimited, which will create an original composition, is limited only by your imagination and the imagin

ation of the master.Such matrix manicure suitable for everybody: it is possible to perform both the natural and artificial nails, and length does not matter.

Option Two

for searing summer party will approach the creative manicure, where you can compete for a unique way.Manicure with feathers would not you seem unusual, when you see all the variety of options for creative nail in our studios.

manicure This option is for those who, for example, would like to do a manicure with the decoration of the same fabric as the dress for a party, or is ready to build on their nails architectural landmarks in miniature or a bouquet of roses.

Of course, with such a piece of art on your nails is not very comfortable to walk in everyday life, but it's a great chance to feel like a participant in a beauty contest or a fashion show, to stand out and get a lot of compliments.

Option Three

If you need to quickly make an original manicure, but you do not want to suffer from the speed of quality, you will accept a manicure with applications.This method is that applications, which are applied to nails, are prepared in advance, and it saves time.

foil, film or paper - the basic materials for the job.Typically, applications are secured with glue, varnish or fixative coating, but depending on your way of drawings applications can range from geometric to animalistic.

in September, by the way, will be the final of the world championship on manicure, so all your crazy ideas you will be able to show the world.

Option fourth

Unable to go on vacation this summer, and you can not afford too bright and extravagant manicure in the workplace, the office will suit more discreet, not very conspicuous, almost everyday, but stillalready manicure design.

This manicure is good for any of the images, whether summer dress or business suit.For this kind of manicure does not use any bulk items, available only to the master lacquer and paint.Common variants of the nail can be reduced to the French, but the original color scheme or pattern on the nails 1-2, in harmony with the image.

Option fifth

If you have artificial nails, you can design for everyday use aquarium way of painting nails.This unusual design gives the impression that the image is located behind the glass.

it uses crystals, various paints and gels.First, the prepared master nails causes the modeling material, followed by drawing, and then covered with gel.This option is universal: if you want you can put on top of the normal nail aquarium design and then remove it again to see the original painting.

Option sixth

While the hot weather outside, and you can wear open shoes, do not forget about the bright pedicure that you can do with the original design ideas.

For the perfect appearance of legs useful to nutritional treatments for the skin, ideally, they can even be combined with a pedicure, for example, the Brazilian pedicure, which is a high-quality pedicure plus a complete spa care, to achieve maximum results forshort period of time.

The Brazilian pedicure kit includes socks impregnated with a unique cream, disposable nail file and a cuticle stick for moving away.Tea tree oil, allotain, calcium, keratin - this is not a complete list of useful components that affect the skin and nails during a pedicure Brazilian.The treatment ends with a light massage, which relieves fatigue and improves microcirculation.