How to develop a comprehensive intelligence

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human intelligence - the material is quite plastic: it can grow as a result of training and development, if it wanted, but it can also "dry up" as a result of the disease, age-related changes, and as a result of idle and thoughtless life, narrowing the range of interest.Intelligence has several facets, and here we will look at how to develop intelligence versatile.

First of all, the level of intelligence of man is revealed in his speech.Not in the sense of slang or very obscene words, but in terms of wealth or poverty of vocabulary.Remember Ellochka-lyudoedochku of "12 chairs"?So: verbal intelligence should be developed.This is achieved by reading books in which unconsciously assimilated the correct spelling of words and sentence structure.Try to maintain a discussion on the Internet - it will teach you to coherently express their thoughts.Yes, and learn another language would not hurt.

Reading books helps to develop intellect is not only verbal, but also social.After all, literature describes relations between people, their spiritual qualities, emotions and inner peace.Studying literary characters can be better understood and its own environment, and knowing the rules adopted in the society can best adapt, for example, in the new workplace, build relationships with new acquaintances.In addition to books, social intelligence develop group projects and role-playing games.

Emotional intelligence - another facet of intelligence.Smart people understand not only other people, but it can sensibly assess and himself, to analyze their strengths and weaknesses, learn to control emotions.Again, except for thoughtful reading good literature and introspection difficult to advise something.

What distinguishes intelligent man from a simple scholar, so it is logical intelligence.The ability to apply existing knowledge in difficult and sometimes unusual situations, the solution of various problems using logic - this is the most important quality of the mind.How to develop intelligence logical thinking?Well help in this chess (this game develops strategic thinking), puzzles, quests, puzzles Sudoku.

expression "in a healthy body - healthy spirit" has an inverse relationship: an intelligent man, as a rule, has developed a spatial and physical intelligence.Good orientation in space, the concept of perspective, the ability to create images of the body's own possession of motor skills - all these qualities can be developed, engaging in sports, painting, sculpture, solving spatial problems, practicing dances fascinated by yoga.Not necessarily work in these areas, "the result" - for the purpose of these exercises - not to produce Olympic gold or widely recognized as an artist, and fully develop your mind.

musical intelligence can only improve, because if there is no ear for music, how to develop intelligence?However, an innate sense of rhythm, delicate ear and a good voice does not imply the presence of musical intelligence.To improve it is necessary to listen to a variety of music, learn to play any instrument, try their hand at singing or dancing.

Why do people speak without shame: "I have a bad memory."But memory - it is an integral part of the intellect, and acknowledging that you have nothing in your head is not delayed, you just subscribe under the definition that you - fool.But what to do if the memory is really bad?In the literature on psychology, there are many tips on how to develop the intelligence and memory with tasks and exercises.

man - this being the creative and constantly create.Creativity - is another facet of intelligence.Smart man recognized by the ability to generate ideas and realistic ideas, the ability to find original, creative application of a thing.Try yourself in any kind of creative activity: drawing, writing, at least in cooking or in the creation of crafts to decorate the apartments.

man - a spiritual being.You can not live without a purpose in life.Spiritual intelligence involves self-improvement and a relentless search for the meaning of life.It develops by philosophical and religious reflection, prayer or meditation.