Women note: how do you know the days of ovulation

Every modern woman should know how many days of ovulation, as well as the nature of its effects in order to have an idea of ​​what processes occur in the body.Those who care about their health, and even more are planning to conceive a child, must possess this information.Often, many of the fair sex mistakenly believe that ovulation - this is the usual month.But this is not true.

We will try to elaborate on how to find the day of ovulation.First of all you must understand that ovulation - a phase of one of the menstrual cycle, the most fleeting (lasting only forty-eight hours).When the egg matures, it moves within a day of the fallopian (uterine) tubes toward the uterus, and all that remains viable.At this stage, when sperm fertilized egg is conceived.The remaining unfertilized, the egg moves into the uterus, too, is not destroyed or lost.

How do I know the days of ovulation using a standard calculation cycle

Usually during the menstrual cycle in women is between 28 to 32 days, but these perio

ds may be shorter or longer.It depends on physiology, climate change, hard work, stress or illness.Usually, most women ovulate comes from the eleventh to the twentieth day of the menstrual cycle.Deemed to be accepted from the first day of the preceding month.But many people mistakenly believe that always comes with the beginning of the fourteenth day of the cycle, and in the calculation of the day of conception are usually taken into account this figure.

But how do you know the days of ovulation, when a woman's monthly cycle is different?The approach to this issue has to be different in each case.

method ultrasound

Many will say, why?Now in fact many different kinds of modern contraceptives, then why all the calculating?But now there's a different trend - many couples over the years and more regular sex life can not conceive.Therefore, women are interested in the question of how to learn the days of ovulation more accurately to desired pregnancy occurred.In such cases, it helps ultrasound.

ultrasound method - one of the most accurate and inexpensive, which is also very important.It is necessary that an experienced gynecologist, ranging from the sixteenth (if the cycle is irregular - the tenth) day of the beginning of monthly conducted a series of studies using ultrasound diagnostics.Nowadays it is the most effective method.

simple way to

There are several ways to find the day of ovulation.Calendar - this is the easiest wonderful test of the Soviet era.Some women do not recognize the modern means of contraception, and now resort to it.This is time consuming, it is not aesthetic and is not the most efficient method.It should be every day (in the morning) to measure body temperature in the anus and build the appropriate schedule.

Observation ladies listened to the changes in your body and can identify themselves when they comes a period.It can be a pain in the abdomen, breast tenderness, increased sexual activity and even fever.

This is just a small portion of the important information about the physiological processes that occur in the body of each woman.