Paul I, poor Paul

In 1754, Empress Catherine I was born heir.In 1796 he became king, and went down in history as Paul 1.


His first teacher was the family friend Behteev, who was very strict with Paul.He even started a special newspaper that printed information on all the actions of his pupil.

next mentor was Nikita Ivanovich Panin, a middle-aged man who shared the ideas of the Enlightenment.It was he who established the list of the many things that, in his opinion, was to study the Future of the emperor.Among them - the law of God, natural history, dance, music and many others.This study began in the reign of Elizabeth and continued when Peter III and Catherine II.

The terms of his communication was attended mostly highly educated people, for example, Gregory heat.Among peers attended only come from the known genera.One of his closest friends was Alexander Kurakin.

Catherine, the mother of the heir, his son bought a collection of books for teaching academic Corfu.Paul first studied geography, history, astronomy, arithmetic, the law of God, different languages ​​- German, French, Italian, Latin;In addition, the training program was the Russian language, drawing, dancing, fencing.But all things related to military training were excluded, although it did not prevent the young Paul, they get carried away.


In 1773 Paul I married Wilhelmina of Hesse-Darmstadt.This marriage did not last long - she was unfaithful to him, and just two years later died in childbirth.Then the young man married a second time, on Sophia Dorothea of ​​Wurttemberg (after Baptism - Maria Feodorovna).One of the European traditions of that time were foreign travel, which took place after the wedding.Paul and his wife were traveling incognito under the names of spouses North.


Sixth in November 1796 at the age of forty-two years of Emperor Paul came to the throne, and the fifth of April the following year he was crowned.Immediately after that, he started to cancel most of the orders and customs zavedёnnyh Catherine.For example, he freed from prison radicals Radishcheva Kosciuszko.Generally speaking, all his reign was marked by "antiekaterininskih" reforms.

On the day of the coronation of the newly-born emperor introduced a new law - now women could not inherit the throne and the regency were set right.Among other reforms, it may be noted the administrative, national and military.

basic direction of foreign policy of the emperor - the fight against the First French Republic.To this have been directed almost all the efforts, among others - an alliance with Prussia, Denmark and Sweden.Once in power in France, came Napoleon Bonaparte, the countries have common interests, and Paul first began efforts to conclude the strategic military alliance with France, but this did not happen.

Paul first gives the impression of an unpredictable tyrant with grotesque manners and annoying habits.He wanted to spend a lot of reforms, but their direction and content constantly changing, subject to unpredictable mood autocrat.As a result, Paul was no support for the court, nor the love of the people.

Death king

All the reign of Emperor was uncovered several plots whose purpose was the murder of Paul.In 1800 there was a conspiracy of high dignitaries, and Paul I was treacherously killed by officers in his bedchamber at night on March 12, 1801.His reign lasted only five years.

news of the death has caused barely restrained glee as the people and the nobility.The official reason was called apoplexy.

son Paul, Alexander, was well aware of the beginnings of a conspiracy, but was frightened and did not stop him, however indirectly, was responsible for the death of his father.This event is tormented Emperor Alexander I of his life.