Role conflict

Role conflict - a situation in which one individual is faced with demands to fulfill different, conflicting, roles, or one, but that the implementation is difficult.Just perceiving this concept, it is easy to define a phenomenon that it is.And the "conflict" is the keyword: performing several roles, a person is faced with the contradiction of interests or demands to him.For example, there are situations when a student, having got married and offspring, forced to combine the role of the husband, father, and student.And if the first two roles together well combined, the third acts as a conflict: as a husband and father, he has to earn money to improve living conditions and to participate in domestic issues, but as a student, he also has to devote all their free timeacquiring new knowledge.

definition of role conflict

study of this phenomenon has been the science conflictology.To begin to define the nature of the conflict, which will give a clear idea of ​​the role-based conflict.

Thus, the conflict can be intrapersonal and interpersonal.It is characterized by the presence of the opposing positions, motives, judgments which are always oppositely directed.

peculiarity of intrapersonal contradictions appear equal in strength, but opposing interests, needs, desires.Man faced with a choice between desires and capabilities, need to follow certain rules and simultaneous reluctance to do so.The consequence of this stress often acts and uncontrolled behavior in front of goal.

If interpersonal conflict always a few participants, the interests and views do not coincide.

Role conflict - a kind of intrapersonal, when a person is faced with the need to perform their multiple roles, which are contrary to each other.For example, a family man who is the head, faced with a situation of role conflict at a time when he needs to take a sick child to the hospital and at the same time perform a lot of work.To go to the hospital - so unprofessional to do, and stay on the job - so negligent with regard to the health of their own children.

Classification role conflict

propose to consider several types of this phenomenon:

  • status and role conflict

This psychological phenomenon associated primarily with the social role played by the people.Conflict arises when the individual can not meet society's expectations of the role that it must perform.Organizations status-role differences generate interpersonal.For example, a person who does not meet the requirements of the position, not a quality of service, and it makes others consider him incompetent and to face difficulties with professional, if the work team.

  • Role conflict and self-concept

conflict, based on the contradiction of their own perceptions and expectations of society on the role played by the individual.This often happens when a person chooses the profession to which he has weak abilities.At work, in which case he can not realize itself, it looks like a team "black sheep", which takes the wrong position.Individual realizes disadvantages, but, nevertheless, continues to work in this direction, asfor this he is paid the salary that corresponds to his conception of the normal wage.Here there is a contradiction between the abilities and desires.

  • Role conflict and ambiguous terms

This type of interpersonal conflict occurs when a person brought under one role the different requirements: for example, the absence of rules of the art performance in the company, at a time when it is feasible for 100% solely by following the rules.Ambiguity problems immerses man in a stressful situation when he is faced with two different requirements.

  • Role conflict on the basis of lack of resources

In this situation, a person is faced with the need to fulfill the assigned tasks, but can not do so due to lack of motivation, time, or any other resources that are needed to achieve the goal.