Prayers for forgiveness of sins: at the end of each day

often err is human, but to sin - every day.Therefore, a Christian believer daily turns to the Lord with a request not to judge strictly for the errors in spiritual life.Prayers for forgiveness of sins there in any prayers.In general, any reference to God somehow involves understanding your imperfections.You're asking the Lord not only forgiveness and freedom from sin.

Strong words

The simplest prayer to God for the forgiveness of sins - so-called Jeshua, which in a few words, you are asking God to forgive you son of a sinner or a sinner.The monastery is a small combination of the words uttered in the commission of any repetitive work, the number of such prayers often do not even consider the rosary.That is a monk or a nun just repeat it many times.It also helps to distract from what is happening, for example, if you have to stand too close to the place of confession and you do not want to eavesdrop spoken too loudly.Focus on Jesus' prayer - and did not hear unnecessary.

Not only monastic

Daily prayer for forgiveness of sins is usually in the late evening of the complex.It mentions the most common praying moral human errors.Of course, many of the names for the sins we are strange.Although you can guess the fact.That's what taynoedenie?Initially it was a religious sin, when a brother or sister ate food out of time and hidden from the rest.But this is actual sin among worldly people.For example, when one night, sneaking to the fridge and eating in secret, so as not to experience negative emotions from the condemnation of his other overeating.Previously, without a prayer for forgiveness of sins was not accepted even to bed.By the way, the experience of some of the saints of the church, it is after the evening prayers are not allowed, otherwise you'll have to do your work all over again.

Carefully superiors

What is a rebuke?If you've been paying attention to the text of daily prayer for the forgiveness of sins, and you notice that sin.It is not just children who are snapping to the comments of parents.It is generally any "verbal battles", but especially grievous sin, if you contradict their parents or superiors.So when you wish to protest once again, remember the text of the prayer.The task of the believer - not only to repent, but also to prevent the repetition of sin in the future.So be careful with words.

about money

there in the text of daily prayer for forgiveness of sins and a "economic sin" as skvernopribytchestvo.What does it mean?Any profit sinful, dishonest way: cheating in business, bad work done, stirring up the passions of people (working in casinos, some types of advertising).Msheloimstvo - a penchant for the purpose of benefits to pay bribes, as well as their take, selfish attitude towards others in general and close relatives.Extortion - operation with the payment of his neighbor deliberately low wages, work exhaustion, unfair income distribution and deception.

So you repent of the most common sins.If necessary, you can add to this list in prayer and committed other sins in the day.