The herb astragalus: application of therapeutic properties

Among the many species belonging to the legume family, deserves special attention, such medicinal marijuana as astragalus.Picture it if you want to be found in the multiple resources, it is presented in this article.

also raw material itself can be purchased not only in fitoapteke, but also people living in areas of growing marijuana.In an age of universal computerization easy enough to buy astragalus.Grass in a pharmacy or specialized stores, dealing with the implementation of medicinal raw materials, is sold without a prescription.

Healing properties that are present in astragalus

herbaceous legume Astragalus, a photo and a description of which can be found in the article has special healing properties.They are primarily determined by its unique chemical composition, and the second - the harmonious relationship of useful substances contained in it.

Healing cocktail of them, as recognized by most experts, affects the human body well and many times the benefit that gives any single drug substance contained in the plant.Astragalus has the following chemical composition:

  • a large number of trace elements, among which there are appropriate person as sodium, manganese, phosphorus, and calcium;
  • quite a wide range of B vitamins;
  • essential oils;
  • organic acids;
  • steroids.

Astragalus also capable of selective accumulation of selenium.

Contraindications available to Astragalus

any drug no matter what medicine, folk or traditional, it is used, has a number of contraindications.In some preparations it is quite large, and some - almost minimum.This applies to a given plant.Properties herb astragalus bring mostly only benefit.

is not recommended to use it only in two cases: when running hypertension and at any stage of pregnancy.All other patients can use drugs with this plant without any risk to your body.

subspecies of plants - Astragalus sherstistotsvetkovy

herb astragalus sherstistotsvetkovy use in folk medicine, found the biggest thing.Used drugs based on it in the multitude of diseases, among which there are quite difficult to treat.It may be noted such diseases, in the treatment of Astragalus sherstistotsvetkovy which plays an important role:

  • chronic coronary insufficiency, popularly called "angina pectoris";
  • hypertension;
  • cataracts airways and pneumonia;
  • any diseases of the cardiovascular system.

So useful herb astragalus.Application sherstistotsvetkovogo recommended varieties of Chinese and Tibetan medicine for the treatment of malignant tumors of various organs and spleen disease and diabetes.

Recipes decoctions and infusions of herbs

In the preparation of drugs from this plant in the home should use recipes that tested a variety of patients and have great reviews.Here are just two of them:

  1. Infusion used to strengthen the cardiovascular system, is made from two tablespoons of chopped dry grass of this plant.It should pour boiling water in a volume of 200 ml, and then put in a water bath.Zaparivatsya this mixture should not less than 15 minutes, after which it must be cool and drain, pressing out all steamed grassy parts.The resulting broth is made up to the initial volume of boiled water and take 2 tablespoons of at least 3 times a day.Treating them is carried out for 6 weeks.
  2. For broth should take hemostatic 20 grams of dry grass herb and pour boiled water.After a 15-minute infusion can be used inside for medicinal purposes.He accepted two tablespoons three times a day.

Astragalus - a favorite of healers

Why not recognized by healers and those who even slightly versed in folk medicine, rely on this plant?There is a simple explanation.The herb astragalus, the use of which contributes to a complete cure of many diseases, have proved their unique healing properties.This is indicated by the following factors:

  • for Astragalus characteristic wide range of effects on different body systems.
  • It is not only soothing properties, but also significantly improves the cardiovascular system due to the reduction in the normal state weedy vessels.
  • When neuroses that have become a real scourge of our time, the grass appeared worthy alternative to traditional medication, causing patient addiction.

Given the properties of astragalus, anyone can pick up as a prescription and dosage, it is suitable for his body.This is guaranteed to help get rid of unpleasant and disturbing diseases, which are often unable to cope traditional medicine.

rhizomes astragalus in medicine

addition grassy tops, for medical purposes (although not as often) used and the root of Astragalus.It is harvested in autumn or spring, when it accumulates the greatest amount of nutrients and medicinal enzymes.

prepared from the rhizomes of the plant compounds also have great healing power.According to his tonic and immunomodulatory properties of the root of this herb significantly exceeds ginseng, which, as is commonly believed, has no equal.

preparations made from it are shown with a very large number of illnesses are often incurable.They are used both topically and through ingestion.Among the diseases that are capable of effectively enough to cure the root of the astragalus, it can be called such:

  • chronic heart failure two degrees, which for the most part accompanied by tachycardia;
  • scrofula;
  • renal hypertension;
  • uterine prolapse;
  • swelling having different etiology;
  • rheumatic pains;
  • acute and chronic glomerulonephritis;
  • angina;
  • hypertension.

it is usually used as a tonic in the form of decoctions and infusions.

recipes of traditional medicine with roots of Astragalus

There are many different recipes for tinctures, decoctions and infusions, which are prepared from these medicinal roots.Here are some of them:

alcohol tincture.For its preparation must take 40 rhizomes and mix them with 400 milliliters of vodka.The use of its medicinal recipes are much more effective than the use for the same purpose of rubbing alcohol, since it does not occur burning healing enzymes.

prepared thus mixture is removed for 10 days in a dark place at room temperature, the drug was able to brew and rhizomes out of all drugs.For the treatment of diseases of the infusion should be dropwise at 20-30 one step, immediately before a meal three times a day.

cure for aging plants from rhizomes with honey, a gift from the Tibetan medicine is prepared as follows.

from the dried root of Astragalus should prepare a powder that is mixed in equal volumes with honey.Keep this means in airtight containers at room temperature.Eat to be very small doses, it is literally at the tip of a teaspoon and drink at the same time with plenty of water, at least a half cup at one go.

Where can I get this unique saponin?

There are situations when there is no opportunity for self-collection of this plant, and to treat it urgently required.In this case, you must purchase a fitoapteke saponin as astragalus (grass).The price for this remedy is sufficient budget: it costs about $ 100 (50 g).

You can also use the services of online stores engaged in selling drugs.But the greatest benefit is able to bring the raw material that is procured independently.Although because of certain circumstances, to do so is often very difficult.

rules that must be followed when harvesting grass Astragalus

medicinal herbs Astragalus, or rather its collection of natural conditions, under the control of the organizations involved in the protection of nature, and is allowed only to those people who have this special license.But they need to abide by certain rules so as not to result in a population of plants to extinction.The basic requirements in the procurement of this herb are as follows:

  • forbidden to pull out the grass from the earth to the root system;
  • it is cut with scissors at a distance of two or three centimeters from the surface of the soil;
  • branches of the cut plants should be left intact to happen ripening seeds.

most optimal time for collection of medicinal raw materials - the summer months (July and August).It was during this period in the green mass of Astragalus has accumulated the highest number of useful substances.

How to properly dry the harvested plant to maintain its beneficial properties?The drying process is carried out in the grass, protected from direct sunlight, but at the same time well-blown place.It is best to hold it in the open air, under a canopy.Or, in extreme cases, attics and balconies.

Just like harvested herb astragalus.Its application in the treatment of various diseases to be most effective.In addition, this method of drying does not lead to the defeat of grass rot or mold.

How to prepare the root of Astragalus?

Where else used herb astragalus?Application for medicinal purposes rhizomes should be carried out only after compliance with all the rules of the workpiece.Compliance with them is necessary to ensure that raw material retains all of its healing properties.

To do this, dug roots thoroughly washed under running water and cut them all side filamentous roots.After this training, they should be put out to dry in a well ventilated area where there is no access to direct sunlight.Every day, the rhizomes, laid out to dry, you should turn to prevent them from rotting.