What are dividends ?The method to do nothing to earn or heavy and laborious analytical work ?

many who, not knowing what the dividends is a hard sticks, being busy all day.Also, a lot of people is elementary does nothing to benefit tenacious, and has a bunch of free time.In addition, many who successfully manage to combine a desire to earn more money from their own laziness, but very few people - without breaking the law.However, this way of life (legal) is a challenge for the most intelligent and clever people of our time and, in turn, all the heavy puzzle has a large number of decisions.One option is a successful investment with further carefree receipt of dividends, interest, rental fees, etc.And the most popular and intriguing way of earning this kind is, of course, a gamble in stocks of large and reliable companies, who came to our country with a market economy, a large number of speculators, the oligarchs and other benefits of Western civilization.

What are dividends?

Conditions for the existence of factories, plants and other enterprises in the modern market economy, demand from them more diligent financial flexibility.And it helps to provide a variety of investment instruments.The most popular of these is the way to raise funds from the external environment with the help of the company's shares.Thus, people who have accumulated savings and confident in the "power" of a company, can become a part of it, being the owner of the shares.A company, in turn, will pay to depositors for their confidence at a convenient time, paying them dividends.This scheme is one of the most effective ways to accumulate funds of the population and the possibility for investors without overpayments various financial intermediaries to obtain the greatest profit.

economic interpretation

From a technological point of view, the question of what the dividends and what is the procedure for their distribution more clear answer can give economic literature and a common language which, in turn, states that the dividend - is part of profitCompany, divided by the shares or units of According to the results of the economic period.Dividends are paid accordingly residue company's profit after tax deductions, spending on enterprise development and social services, payments and insurance reserve fund after the budget and other charges.This procedure for the allocation of funds agreed general shareholders' meeting.Dividends are usually set in advance is not accepted, as it depends on the economic results of the company for the period expired.However, besides this method of calculation of the size of payments, there are also preferred dividends, the amount of which is fixed in the established percentage of the nominal value of one share of the company.When using this type of investment cooperation, the company will be obliged to make payments to holders of preferred shares even in the case of a lack of funds on the balance of profits, after the required fees.

How to get dividends?

To get dividends, you must be the owner of the shares of any company on the date of closing of the register of shareholders.The assigned amount of payments thus comes to a broker or a bank account of the investor.

world big profits

Thus, modern man more deeply to learn that such dividends, stocks, bonds, speculation in securities and other ways of earning through invested funds will open new doors in a totally different world of new values ​​and largeprofits.